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Sheet metal handling

In the metalworking trade and industry, sheet metal and metal plates are regularly moved or moved. Handling solutions with vacuum ensure safe and efficient handling of the goods transported weighing up to 60 t.

Wood handling

For sawmills, carpenters, roofers, joiners, furniture makers and other woodworking companies, handling solutions with vacuum technology are suitable for the handling of easily air-permeable materials such as MDF or OSB up to coated material.

Tube lifter

Tube lifters optimize the transport of cartons, sacks, barrels, buckets, sheet materials, housings and other goods. In shipping, loading or order picking, numerous suction foot variants ensure a wide range of possible applications.


The ADVANCE is the efficiency lifter among the vacuum lifters for horizontal handling of panels. The optimised control system ensures fast processes when loading and unloading machines and meets the highest ergonomic requirements.


The first and only instinctive vacuum tube lifter with one-hand operation that lifts up to 75 kg. With smart features, the FORCE-LIFT® ensures ergonomics and productivity in numerous industries.



The self-priming vacuum lifter BASIC-LIFT is the flexible vacuum lifter for all tightly packed transport goods such as sheet metal, flame-cut parts, drums, especially when there is no power supply. The mechanical vacuum generation provides the necessary hold.

Box gripper

This special vacuum lifter lifts box-like transport goods such as switchgear, refrigerators or metal housings. Functions such as suction release, endless 360° rotation, movement by linear drives or switch-off via proximity switches are controlled via the convenient control panel.

VUSS® vacuum gripper

VUSS vacuum grippers allow flexible material handling, even with highly segmented or shaped parts. The technology is used in almost all industries and allows many different materials to be lifted and moved.


The POROs are perfect for furniture production, joinery, carpentry, carpentry/woodwork and woodworking shops where panel material has to be moved regularly.

The TIMBERs are designed for long material up to approx. 13 m in length and approx. 48 cm in width, such as glued laminated timber, solid structural timber, rough sawn beams, but also logs.


Small, flexible, mains-independent and with electronic vacuum monitoring: the battery-operated vacuum lifter FLEX with a load capacity of up to 250 kg can be equipped with different suction plates and is extremely versatile.


The smallest construction site lifter impresses with its compact design, especially when transporting the vacuum lifter. With individually adjustable suction plates and a 360° rotating suspension, the CLAD-BRO is suitable for quickly changing tasks.


The all-rounder for panel and sheet metal handling in hall construction and roofing scores with its versatility. All types of installation can be configured with one basic unit, regardless of whether the roof or wall, horizontal, vertical or diagonal installation is required.


Optimized for large areas, this vacuum lifter for the construction site ensures high laying performance in the shortest possible time. The optimized design for rapid workflows makes it easy to lay uniform surfaces in fast, planned processes.


The all-rounder in handling really heavy panels and sheets inspires with its load capacity and thus possible dimensions of the transported goods. The largest vacuum lifter among the construction site devices allows for weights of up to 800 kg and 26 m long transport goods.


The single suction plate lifter for the construction site lifts smaller transport goods such as facade elements by means of two separate suction circuits on offset suction chambers. Due to its compact design, the vacuum lifter is suitable for rigid applications.



Specialized in handling glass sheets and glass elements on the construction site, this vacuum lifter holds its loads by four separate suction circuits. This fourfold safety device makes it possible to dispense with additional straps.



The self-propelled handling solution for numerous materials. Classically designed as a construction site device for transporting and installing panels, glass panes or facade elements, the vacuum lifter, when converted, can also be used for transporting sheets or parts.

Roof and wall installations

An overview of some vacuum lifters and handling solutions for use on construction sites. The solutions and systems for handling panels, sheet metal and facade elements optimize ergonomics, workflows and processes.


Special equipment is required for the assembly of windows and glass panes in the prefabricated house production. The vacuum lifter adapts optimally to the difficult conditions in production halls and allows you to bypass interfering contours.

Components for sheet metal processing

Vacuum components for the sheet metal and metal industry ensure reliable operation of vacuum lifters and automation systems. With these specially designed components, processing and ergonomics are optimized.

Components for wood processing

Vacuum components for wood processing are optimized for automated work processes with wood-based materials. From the sensitive treatment as with veneering to the rough handling of planks, vacuum systems offer optimal handling solutions.

Suction cup catalogue

Vacuum cups for every requirement from A to Z - these vacuum components provide the decisive hold and, with their different shapes as oval cups, bellows-type cups and flat cups, they fulfil a wide variety of tasks.

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