More robust, more versatile, more efficient: The new professional multi-panel lifter.

The new CLAD-BOY 2.0 is the all-rounder among vacuum lifters. Often copied, but never equalled: the CLAD-BOY has been the benchmark in the vacuum lifter sector for many years. A claim that the new CLAD-BOY 2.0 impressively underlines. It is even more powerful, even more flexible and even more efficient. The most diverse loads can be lifted with ease and moved into the desired position - safely, quickly and precisely.

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Features of the CLAD-BOY®

  • One basic device, countless application possibilities

  • up to 300 kg load capacity

  • up to 18 meter long transport goods

  • 90° turnable main traverse

  • individually adjustable suction plates

  • flexibly applicable for wall and roof mounting, horizontal and vertical

  • extremely robust construction

Special features of the CLAD-BOY 2.0

The aluminum lattice tube construction of the 4-point crosshead prevents deflection and torsion.

Water separators and sintered filters prevent damage to the vacuum pumps even in the presence of moisture.


No effort is required to swivel. The crane eye is easily adjustable by hand so that the panel hangs vertically in any case.

A digital inclinometer allows the panel to be lifted from the stack at the appropriate roof pitch so that it arrives on the roof parallel to the roof pitch.

Practical equipment features, such as two working spotlights for safe work in twilight conditions.

Electronic monitoring of all important functions with alarm function in case of vacuum drop or low battery voltage.


You can read off how much your CLAD-BOY 2.0 has already worked at any time from the operating hours counter.

Other special features

  • Two independent vacuum pumps allow completion of the operation even if one pump fails.

  • Convenient and precise control via radio remote control.

  • The high-quality material of the traverse and suction plate is UV, ozone and weather resistant.

Applications for the CLAD-BOY 2.0

  • Assembly of roof panels or trapezoidal sheet metal

  • Assembly of wall panels or facade elements

  • Lay horizontally, vertically or diagonally

  • Installation sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheet metal

  • Installation of all kinds of different panel materials

  • Construction sites with very different laying tasks

  • Safe and ergonomic handling of panels

You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The CLAD-BOY 2.0 is your flexible vacuum lifter for the construction site.Request a quote now

Individualization with additional options

Storage and transport rack

The storage and transport rack offers practical benefits for the CLAD-BOY 2.0 and its attachments, such as suction plates and traverses, on the construction site and during transport to the job site.

Maintenance & UVV inspection

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine.


Advertising banner

If requested, advertising banners can be attached to the CLAD-BOY 2.0, which are guaranteed not to be overlooked.


Battery changing unit

The compact battery unit is the optimal safety net for operating the CLAD-BOY 2.0 on long working days and ensures fast processes if the original battery runs out.


Technical Data

Use Max. panel length (m) Max. panel weight (kg)
Roof (roof slope up to 45°) 18 400
Wall horizontal 14 400
Wall vertical 14 400
Equipment Article no. Weight (kg)
CLAD-BOY 2.0 1010273 200
Storage and transport rack 1010324 90

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