More robust, more versatile, more efficient: The new professional multi-panel lifter.

The all new CLAD-BOY 2.0: The versatile vacuum lifter.

Often imitated, never duplicated: CLAD-BOY has been setting the standard for vacuum lifters for years. And the new CLAD-BOY 2.0 only adds support to this claim. It is even more powerful, more flexible
and more efficient than before. Lifting very different loads and moving them to the desired position – safely, quickly and accurately – become effortless.

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The CLAD-BOY 2.0 is extremely easy to operate by remote control. It can lift and move different loads without any conversion work. This translates to plenty of time saved as well as improved safety.
Indeed, the CLAD-BOY 2.0’s flexible suction plate automatically adapts to any cargo, thus ensuring safe transportation at all times.

  • Quick and easy assembly on site
  • Convenient, precise steering by wireless remote control
  • Integrated positioning system to properly fit the suction plate on the cargo
  • Practical features such as two professional-grade spotlights to work safely at twilight
  • Effortless pivoting. The lifting bracket is easy to adjust by hand so the panel always hangs vertically.
  • Banners with your company’s logo can optionally be attached to the CLAD-BOY 2.0 – advertising that ensures your company’s visibility.



    The CLAD-BOY 2.0 was developed specifically for the tough conditions of construction sites. Its thoughtful technology is extremely robust, withstanding adverse conditions in any weather. At the same time, all systems are designed to meet the strictest safety standards to eliminate all work hazards.

    • Electronic monitoring of all major functions with an alarm in the event of a vacuum drop or insufficient battery voltage.
    • With two independent vacuum pumps, completing the operating process remains possible even after a pump fails.
    • Water traps and sintered filters also keep moisture from damaging the vacuum pumps.
    • The aluminum 4-point truss design prevents deflection and torsion.
    • The premium materials in the trussing and suction plate are UVresistant, ozone-resistant and weather-resistant.
    • A digital inclinometer helps match the roof’s slope when raising the panel from the stack to bring it onto the roof while keeping it parallel to the target surface.
    • The operating hours counter displays how long your CLAD-BOY 2.0 has been working.


    Wall horizontal


    Technical Details:

    Use Max. panel length (m) Max. panel weight (kg)
    Roof (roof slope up to 45°) 18 400
    Wall horizontal 14 400
    Wall vertical 14 400
    Equipment Article no. Weight (kg)
    CLAD-BOY 2.0 1010273 200
    Storage and transport rack 1010324 90