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Wether sheet metal, wood, glass, cartons, buckets, barrels, sacks or other transport goods: With vacuum lifting technology from AERO-LIFT you can improve production flows and processes in shipping, warehouses or on the construction site. With just one person you can move, swivel and turn goods of any industry and any weight. The vacuum suction cups protect the material during lifting and moving - a great advantage over conventional gripping systems and transport systems. You will find many application examples for vacuum technology in our industry overview.

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Avoiding absences due to illness

Our health is a precious commodity. Thanks to vacuum lifting technology, you not only optimise the workflow and production flow, but also ensure that workplaces are humanised. AERO-LIFT lifting aids reduce the weight to be lifted by the person and avoid unfavourable postures. Thanks to the ergonomic working method, you relieve employees and increase the motivation of your teams in production, shipping or assembly in the long term. We would be pleased to advise you individually on sustainable health prevention and ergonomics in your organisation.

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Complete solutions from one source

With our many years of experience and high vertical range of manufacture, as well as a wide product portfolio ranging from tube lifter, vacuum lifter, lifting devices for buidling site, large-area gripper to components, crane systems and automation solutions, we can create your individual complete solutions - tailored precisely to your needs. AERO-LIFT also provides assembly, maintenance and spare parts for your vacuum systems. In our AKADEMIE you are welcome to test our products live and have your employees trained by us personally. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Products & Services

Vacuum lifter

Vacuum lifter in standard versions are used to create humanised workplaces in mechanical engineering and ensure greater efficiency and ergonomics in sheet metal working, among other areas. Practical  90°  swivelling and 180° turning unctions offer you as a user optimum positioning of sheet metal, metal sheets and wooden and plastic plates. Weight limits are relative - heavy-duty version version of the vacuum crossheads starts at 2,000 kg and goes up to 60,000 kg, which are used profitably in the construction of ships, pipelines or wind power towers, for example.

Vacuum tube lifter

AERO-LIFT tube lifter like the innovative FORCE-LIFT® are real all-round talents: In many areas of application, such as handling cartons in shipping, stacking sacks in the pharmaceutical industry, transporting buckets, canisters and barrels in the chemical industry, or turning and moving wooden boards in the craft sector , the tube lifter relieves the strain on employees. Matching peripherals such as craanes, mobile cranes, forklift connections or smooth-running rail rail system complete a flexible complete system.

Vacuumlifter for building site

Indispensable for hall or facade construction, glazing and windows or roofs: the construction industry has benefited from our off-grid cladding devices for years. These vacuum lifters for sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets, corrugated sheets, glass fronts or building cladding ensure safe and fast work processes on the construction site. The CLAD-BOY® and CLAD-MAN® in particular are proven vacuum lifting devices for the construction industry.


Vacuum components

The right component for every application: Automated production or goods transport includes state-of-the-art vacuum components and, above all, vacuum suction cups which are gentle on the material. Tried and tested and constantly optimised materials for suction plates, seals, connection elements, vacuum centers and vacuum generators ensure efficient goods movements and increased productivity in your systems.

Engineering, Training & Services

Where others stop, we start: For almost 30 years, AERO-LIFT has been considered a problem solver in the industry. Our Solutions Team will also develop an individual handling solution for you. Thanks to our experience, we can offer you the best, comprehensive service: From consulting, development, production, assembly to spare parts, tests or training of your employees, we are at your side.


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