Vacuum lifter for long and heavy wooden beams and planks

Transporting very long and very heavy wooden planks has always been one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to handling wood. AERO-LIFT makes this difficult task seem like child‘s play with its AERO-TIMBER vacuum lifter. With the AERO-TIMBER mounted on your crane, only one person is needed to transport extra-long planks to wherever they are required.The blockable, three-chamber suction plates ensure that planks of various widths and weights can be processed without any changeover. Thus, a centuries-old problem vanishes practically into thin air.

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Features of the AERO-TIMBER

  • For beams, planks, glulam beams, solid wood and other wooden elements

  • Load capacity up to 600 kg

  • For long material up to approx. 13 m length and approx. 48 cm width

  • Three individually lockable vacuum chambers per suction plate

  • Minimizing the risk of transport damage and injury to people

Special features of the AERO-TIMBER

An extendable two-hand operating handle allows the operator an ergonomic working posture and an optimal view of the workpiece.


Lockable 3-chamber suction plates ensure that pieces of wood of different widths and weights are processed without changeover time.

The electronic warning device with monitoring of vacuum level and power supply ensures maximum safety.

The powerful pump "Made in Germany" provides a sufficient vacuum.

AERO-TIMBER applications


  • Beams, planks, glued laminated beams, wooden elements

  • Solid structural timber, solid wood, glued laminated timber

  • Mammalian rough beams

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You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
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Individualization with additional options

Remote control

The crane and vacuum lifter can be controlled by radio remote control. Thus, all functions (lifting, lowering, moving, suction, release, swing) are controlled conveniently and safely, for example, by the crane operator.

LED warning lights

LED warning lights visible from afar ensure increased safety for the operator and the environment. They thus supplement the standard acoustic warning device with clearly visible warning signals in particularly noisy production environments.

Motor-protective circuit-breaker

With the motor-protective circuit-breaker, malfunctions of the vacuum generators are consistently excluded. This additional safety mechanism gives the vacuum lifter a longer service life and reduces the repair effort.

Maintenance & UVV inspection

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine (only in Germany).

Technical Data

Type Art.No. carrying capacity min. size max. size
AERO 300 2M 3K 1030743 300 kg 1420 x 80 mm 6000 x 400 mm
AERO 300 2M 3K St 1030741 300 kg 1420 x 80 mm 6000 x 400 mm
AERO 500 4M 3K 1030744 500 kg 2850 x 80 mm 8000 x 400 mm
AERO 500 4M 3K St 1030742 500 kg 2850 x 80 mm 8000 x 400 mm

Media and further information

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