Flexible glass lifter for building production in the production hall

The glass lifter for the production hall is characterized by a very variable design, which allows easy changeover to other transport goods. Individual configurations are possible by means of plug-in couplings and pendulum mounted suction plates in combination with plug-in crossbars. The height-adjustable suction plate holder and the crane holding device with centre of gravity compensation provide increased flexibility, especially when installing window panes with web offset.


Performances of the VARIOWIN

  • very variable construction facilitates easy changeover

  • up to 500 kg load capacity

  • Transport goods with dimensions up to 2.5 x 3.5 meters

  • pendularly suspended, spring-mounted suction plates

  • each suction plate height adjustable by up to 13 cm offset

  • +/- 90° turnable transport goods storage

  • height-adjustable suspension frame

  • Crane suspension with adjustable centre of gravity compensation

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Special features of the VARIOWIN

The adjustable centre of gravity compensation on the suspension frame ensures a well-balanced load distribution.

The extra long suspension frame creates safety when transporting high workpieces in an upright position.

Height-adjustable suction plate holders make it possible to transport workpieces with web offset of up to 13 cm.

Due to the long arm with crane holding eyelet of the suspension frame, interfering contours can easily be driven under.

With the optional storage and transport rack, attachments and the vacuum lifter are safely stored.

The +/- 90° rotatable bearing of the traverse cross also allows easy rotation of workpieces.

Pluggable suction plates and traverses allow various transport goods properties from an area of 71 x 25 cm.

Other special features

  • Optical-acoustic warning device

  • Extremely robust design of all components for high demands

  • Variable and simple conversion through plug connections

Applications for the VARIOWIN

The variable glass lifter for indoor production is ideal for the following fields of application:

  • Production of wall and ceiling elements for prefabricated houses

  • Pre-production of building parts in halls

  • Inserting window panes in wall elements

  • Installation of window panes with an offset of up to 13 cm

  • Installation of pane and glass fronts in wall elements

  • Prefabricated house production and building component pre-production

  • Optimized for various installation and mounting scenarios

You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your production processes?
The VARIOWIN is your variable glass lifter for assembly.

Individualization through additional options

Mobile transport frame

Depending on the scenario, not all attachment parts are needed. With the transport frame, vacuum lifters and attachments are stored safely and conveniently. This keeps the place of use tidy and increases the ergonomics of work.

Maintenance & UVV testing

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine.

Extra long suspension frame

The extra long suspension frame makes it easier to place the vacuum lifter on high loads. Various heights of the suspension frame can be quickly adjusted by means of the detent.

Short crane holding eye with short suspension frame

The short suspension frame with triple crane holding eyelet makes it easy to move smaller transport goods. The closely spaced centres of gravity allow precise manoeuvring.

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