In the construction of airplanes, helicopters and airships or in the manufacture and development of spacecraft and satellites, components have to be transported, packed, loaded, assembled, swiveled, turned and fixed. Both at the supplier of the elements and assemblies and at the manufacturer. These are, for example, components for the manufacture and assembly of wings, cockpit elements, parts from the outer skin, interior linings, fuselage elements or cabin doors.

Vacuum technology is used in many work steps during the production, packaging, removal and assembly of parts due to its surface-friendly and safe handling. When handling the high-quality and extremely expensive components, the safety and protection of the component is paramount.

Dual- or multi-circuit systems, uninterruptible power supply, redundant vacuum generation, electronic vacuum sensors, large vacuum safety memories and precise monitoring of power supply and vacuum level during each work step, ensure a smooth and, above all, absolutely safe work process.

We ask for your understanding that in this extremely sensitive field of aerospace no pictures, drawings and documents of vacuum applications may be published.

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