Whether cartons, sacks, barrels, canisters or bulky panel materials such as metal, OSB and MDF panels: All this can be handled with just one device, thanks to the integrated quick-change system and our wide suction foot portfolio! The big brother of our FORCE-LIFT is a real powerhouse and moves loads up to 300 kg with a lifting speed of up to 60 m/min.

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Features of the FORCE-LIFT | 2


  • the strong power pack of the FORCE-LIFT tube lifter series

  • up to 300 kg load capacity

  • Lifting speed of up to 60 m / min

  • Process-safe working thanks to robust aluminium housing

  • Adaptable to the respective working area due to individually adjustable handle lengths

  • a spring balancer keeps the system in balance at all times


Special features of the FORCE-LIFT | 2

Easy operation

Operation is as simple as it is ingenious. You control the appliance effortlessly with an operating handle that looks and feels very much like a motorbike handle.


Always in balance

From a handle length of more than 500 mm, a spring balancer is included in the scope of delivery. This keeps the system in the centre of gravity at all times without putting improper strain on the operator's musculoskeletal system.

Quick release

The integrated quick-release function cuts off the air supply inside the lift tube. When the goods are in the desired position, the floor hoist offers the possibility to release the goods.

Robust and process-safe

The powder-coated aluminium housing is extremely robust, resistant to rust and process-safe even in the event of light knocks and impacts.

Applications for the FORCE-LIFT | 2

  • Lifts cartons, barrels, sacks, sheet metal, plastic and wooden parts

  • Ideal for order picking, palletising or depalletising

  • Assists with the unpacking and packing of goods and transport items

  • Enables easier machine loading and unloading with components

  • Dispatch, warehouse, logistics, incoming and outgoing goods

  • Wood and furniture industry, wood processing

  • Sheet metal industry, metal industry, sheet metal processing

  • Food industry, chemistry and pharmaceuticals

  • Packaging industry

  • ... and many more!

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You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your production processes?
The FORCE-LIFT | 2 is your tube lifter up to 300 kg.

Device version FORCE-LIFT | 2 ErgoPlus

The FORCE-LIFT | 2 ErgoPlus version enables particularly ergonomic transport of goods weighing up to 300 kg thanks to the angled operating handle.


Whether for exceptionally high or low storage and pick-up situations, the FORCE-LIFT | 2 ErgoPlus always promises an ergonomic posture.

It is therefore an indispensable aid, especially for transport goods stored at a higher level.

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