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Vacuum components


Components for AERO-LIFT devices   •   Automation Technology


from the vacuum production about suction head and suction plates, to valves up to vacuum monitoring. 

You can buy all our components of suckers, suction plates, seals, connecting parts, pumps or vacuum generators etc. in many different forms. Which composition is right for your lifting project, you can quickly find out with our experts. Call us or contact us by mail: 

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In the process, our questionnaire suction cups will help you further. It only takes a few minutes and you get a tailor-made solution faster.

chapter 1: Suction cups

Flat suction cup, Bellow-type suction cup

chapterl 2: suction plates and components

suction plates, suspension pins, seals

chapter 3: Valves

connecting nipples, tube connectors, tubes, vacuum distributions

chapter 4: Valves

2/2-way valves, electro magnetic valves, impulse valves, manual slide valve

chapter 5: Filter and waterseparator

Ventilation filters, Vacuum flow filters, Water separators

chapter 6: vacuum generation

vacuum pumps, vacuum blower, vacuum ejectors

chapter 7: Vacuum units and vacuum tanks

Vacuum units, vacuum systems and vacuum tanks

chapter 8: Vacuum control

vacuum gauges, vacuum switches, warning systems

chapter 9: Vacuum gripper

for automation technology

chapter 0: initiation

The company, solutions, index


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