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The right component for every application: automatic production and goods transport with vacuum components are now state of the art technology. Whether you want to move heavy and unwieldy materials or small and filigree goods, with the right components you can achieve optimum operating situations. With tried and tested and optimised materials for suction cups, hoses, suction plates and vacuum generators, these ensure more efficient goods movements in your systems and increase the productivity of your system.


Targeted problem solutions and detailed design are our competence for your high-performance factory automation. Our experience in the manufacture of vacuum lifters and pick-up units for production automation is continuously incorporated into all developments of vacuum components.


Continuously optimized over years of use in diverse applications such as stacking sheet materials, food, packaging or fixing semi-finished plastic products during processing, our vacuum components successfully close almost any gap in your material flow. 

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In order to design vacuum lifting devices adapted to the respective workpiece and its weight, many different individual component parts are required: From the rubber or silicone vacuum cups, suction plates, connecting parts, valves, filters and water separators for outdoor use of the vacuum lifting devices to the vacuum pumps, blowers and ejectors to the vacuum accumulators (usually in high-quality steel traverses) or the warning devices and other accessories. AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik, the German supplier of vacuum lifters, procures all these vacuum components exclusively from well-known manufacturers in long-standing business relationships. In addition, the vacuum components are intelligently installed so that the customer can replace suction cups, for example, as classic wear parts, within a few minutes. AERO-LIFT supplies the appropriate spare parts. AERO-LIFT Component Sales advises the customer on the selection of spare parts suitable for his device. A comparison with the competition is worthwhile - because often a supposedly low device price is offered - but at a later point in time only the complete replacement of the suction plate in the event of wear and tear, which can quickly cost money with several suction plates on the lifting device. The factory planner or automation professional will also find what he is looking for in the components department of AERO-LIFT from Baden-Württemberg when planning his robot-supported systems: VUSS large-area gripper valves lift a wide variety of workpieces such as electronic parts, glass lenses or similar small parts with distances between each other or recesses without changeover times. In the automotive industry, too, gentle suction by means of vacuum cups is often more effective than gripping by robot arms.

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