The smart vacuum lifter for fast production

In a completely new look and with well thought-out functions such as the intelligent warning device, the built-in automatic power saving system and the new safety spiral hoses, which prevent the cables from tangling when the device is turned or adjusted. The built-in hot-dip galvanised, solid steel trusses are particularly durable and offer lasting protection against corrosion. The innovative lifting device series can lift up to 1,200 kg, depending on the version.

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Performance of the ADVANCE

  • 150 kg to 1200 kg load capacity

  • 4 to 8 suction plates for different materials

  • Double safety through second vacuum pump

  • Increased energy efficiency through automatic power saving

  • Customizable and extendable by additional options

  • Ergonomic handling through multifunctional handle

  • Increased productivity through user-centered functions

Special features of the ADVANCE

A high-quality housing made of unbreakable plastic in "Alu-brushed" optics protects the sensitive electronics and vacuum generators.


The hot-dip galvanised steel traverses are particularly durable and can be easily adjusted by hand screwing.

The ergonomic multifunction handle provides optimum control of the vacuum lifter and full control for the user.


The wiring via a torsion-free spiral cable prevents any twisting while the load is being moved.

Safety spiral hoses ensure easy adjustment of the suction plates and prevent twisting.


The required vacuum in the accumulator is controlled energy-efficiently by permanent electronic monitoring.

The warning device offers increased safety. Functional states and malfunctions are indicated by coloured LEDs.


... and other special features

  • two very quiet pumps for increased reliability

  • Intelligent automatic power saving through electronic vacuum monitoring

  • Suction plates with articulated and double spring suspension

  • Suction plates with quick-change device for easy replacement of seals

Applications for the ADVANCE

The vacuum lifter can be optimally used for the following fields of application:


  • Wood and furniture industry

  • sheet metal processing

  • material cutting

  • Metal Preproduction

  • coated wood panels

  • plastic sheets

  • glass panes

You know these fields of application and are looking for an extremely fast handling solution for your production line?
The ADVANCE is your extra fast and efficient vacuum lifter in production.

Individualization with additional options

motor-protective circuit-breaker

With the motor-protective circuit-breaker, malfunctions of the vacuum generators are consistently excluded. This additional safety mechanism gives the vacuum lifter a longer service life and reduces the repair effort.


Spiral cable for power and control

The torsion-resistant spiral cable ensures comfortable handling. The spiral design virtually eliminates jamming and twisting, and the crane and vacuum lifter can be controlled conveniently from one location: the multifunction handle.

supporting feet

The vacuum lifter can be safely parked on the parking feet if required without loading the sensitive suction plates. Thanks to the feet, the device can be stored unused for a longer period of time without negative influences on the traverse and suction cup.

Maintenance & UVV inspection

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine.

warning device

Additional warning lights increase safety for users. The addition of red/green LEDs in the housing reliably indicates malfunctions and malfunctions and adds optical signals to the existing warning device.

Spiral cable for power supply

The torsion-resistant spiral cable for the power supply ensures easy handling even for longer lifting distances. Due to the spiral design, the working area is always free of cables and jamming and twisting is almost impossible.

Support feet with castors

Support feet with castors allow the vacuum lifter to be safely parked when required without loading the sensitive suction plates. Thanks to the castors as supporting feet, the device can be flexibly stored without negative influences on the traverse and suction cup.

Suction and release via solenoid valve

An electromagnetic valve for the suction and release functions makes manual work much easier for the user. These functions are performed by simply pressing a button on the control panel.

Individually lockable suction plates

Individually lockable suction plates enable more flexible handling of goods of different sizes.

Media and further information

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