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Quality is our philosophy. That is why we take care not only of the choice of suppliers, but also regionality and quality, but also take over the entire production process of a vacuum lifting device ourselves: from the design of complex vacuum traverses and vacuum technology systems to the planning and production of control technology and vacuum lifters, vacuum traversing and vacuum systems, Final assembly and assembly and commissioning on site, everything is done under one roof. This allows us a constant quality management and the possibility to solve your individual handling problems quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is the humanization and optimization of jobs. The use of vacuum lifters and vacuum hose lifters ensures a back-rest and stress-relieving work, which means that your employees are significantly relieved during lifting and transport tasks. This not only increases health, but also motivation at the workplace. In addition, the workflow is improved and added value is increased. The surface and material-friendly transport through the vacuum lifters ensures that even high-quality, sensitive products need not be mechanically gripped and can be transported sensitively by suction.

Our vacuum lifting devices are designed and manufactured in accordance with the current safety standards as per EN 13155 and ASME B30, as well as tested and documented in accordance with the valid accident prevention regulations DGUV Regel 100-500 / BGR 500 and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Appendix II A. Dual-circuit systems, suction circuit monitoring and digital vacuum sensors can further increase the safety of the systems. Furthermore, in addition to the technical acceptance test of the vacuum lifter, the electrical components are tested according to VDE 0113 and EN 60204 during the final acceptance test. Our welding work is carried out professionally in accordance with the specific standards. A verifiable structural analysis for the vacuum lifters is also available.

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