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Our products for manual or automated handling comply with the current regulations according to EN-13155 and EN 14238. In addition to mains-operated or battery-operated solutions, our product range also includes mains-operated and battery-operated vacuum lifters as well as self-priming vacuum lifters. With these products and systems, you can meet a wide range of requirements. The devices are all suitable for gentle and efficient operation. From moving sensitive small parts in production automation to positioning oversized components on outdoor construction sites, there are hardly any limits. 

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Vacuum lifter

Vacuum lifting devices are the standard solution for most applications and for almost all transported goods. These handling solutions are mainly used for horizontal transport, 90° swivelling or 180° turning. With load capacities between 100kg and 50t, these vacuum lifting devices are suitable for any application in which loads have to be moved gently and efficiently.


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Vacuum components

The right component for the application: Vacuum components turn systems and machines into efficient transport and production units. Vacuum components are used in furniture production to transport materials and workpieces, in the manufacture of components for the automotive industry, in food production and in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the efficient transfer of goods, to fix workpieces while protecting the material, and to lift material in a relaxed manner for the operator.


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Tube lifter

Fast and agile processes are replaced by flexible and simple tools. These tube lifters ensure comfortable handling of materials up to 300kg and relieve your operators through simple handling. Ready for use in logistics and dispatch, tube lifters also show their strengths in clean rooms in chemical, pharmaceutical and food applications or in wood and sheet metal handling for CNC systems.


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Automation & Robotic

These components for many automation systems help accelerate manufacturing or shipping processes and minimize operator intervention. With solutions such as the VUSS suction plates, very irregular workpieces can be easily moved from cutting systems to transport systems using the robot arm. Special suction plate technology thus enables personnel to be relieved and efficiency to be increased on every production line.


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Construction site equipment

These vacuum systems are the perfect companions on your construction site. In hall construction for roof and wall panels, as well as in façades and glass construction, construction site equipment with vacuum technology offers optimum working and safety conditions. The active, energy-efficient design of the vacuum lifter helps to bring workpieces and structural parts to the correct installation location as relaxed as possible.


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Peripherals & Crane Systems

Full mobility at the workstation with vacuum equipment or hose lifters is provided by the appropriate crane systems and chain hoists. Crane rails are the multiflexible solution for easy and uncomplicated access to workpieces and transported goods and for moving them freely, both in large halls and in cramped workshop spaces.


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