Tube lifter with VUSS vacuum gripper

AERO-LIFT has combinated the benefit of the flexible tube lifter with the miscellaneous characteristics of the VUSS vacuum gripper. The result is a unique vacuum lifter for quick handling of different wooden parts.

Function and features

The combination of two vacuum technologies "tube lifter and VUSS vacuum gripper", a new generation of vacuum lifting devices is created. This
AERO-LIFT combines the advantages of a flexible tube lifter with the considerably versatile characteristics of the patented VUSS vacuum grippers and has thus developed a unique unit for the quick processing of wood parts of diverse quantities, dimensions and shapes.

For instance, the VUSS tube lifters offer the optimum solution for stair builders when it comes to handling stringers with milled-out portions. 

The benefits at first sight:

  • Tube lifter with vacuum gripper for different loads
  • no setup time to change suction unit
  • possible for different wood contours
  • turnable – with 180° rotating suction head
  • no problems with holes in the material
  • iindividual use
  • Fun by working without changing suction unit!

Examples of use

Tube lifter with vacuum gripper to handle stair side walls
A variety of wood and furniture elements can be transported without requiring any additional refitting. A safe and reliable handling is ensured by the patented valve system, even if the products to be moved have holes or milled-out portions. Where other vacuum lifters fail, our VUSS tube lifter with vacuum grippers can impress by showing off its strengths.

Tube lifter with vacuum gripper to handle pallets

You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The VUSS lifter with VUSS vacuum gripper is your self-priming vacuum lifter for wood handling and more. Request a quote now

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