VUSS Vacuum Area Gripper

Moving several workpieces or workpieces with recesses

Not only uneven, structured surfaces, but also undefined pick-up positions and different dimensions are easily lifted with the VUSS area gripper, without having to convert the suction feet. Whether in logistics, in trade or in industry: The VUSS area gripper (VUSS = Vacuum Unit Sensing System) enables workpieces to be sucked in through many small vacuum valves, embedded in foam rubber sheets - and regardless of whether a pallet of cans is incomplete, wooden boards are only loosely next to each other or each workpiece has an individual different size.

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Features of the VUSS

  • Patented vacuum valve system consisting of a wide range of valves

  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 50 %

  • High cycle rates

  • Safe and stable lifting without loss of power due to contamination

  • Higher added value, measurable cost savings and shortened setup times thanks to intelligent system solutions

  • Lightweight design, e.g. to keep the acquisition costs of a robot as low as possible

  • Suitable for automated use with robots as well as for manual operation by an employee

Special features of the VUSS

Gentle transport without putting pressure on the objects. Therefore, no damage to the surfaces.


Flexibility - the system lifts different objects without reprogramming or tool changes, e.g. not only the workpiece, but also Euro pallets, cardboard as intermediate layers, etc. if required.


Low overall height to enable efficient use even in narrow portals.


Modular design enables individual, application-specific vacuum gripping systems


Applications for the BASIC-LIFT

  • Isolated or multiple workpieces or goods, also of different size

  • entire pallet layers, destacking systems

  • workpieces with recesses and countersinks, e.g. rough sawn wood or perforated sheets

  • use in wood processing, metal industry, logistics, electronics, chemicals & pharmaceuticals

  • cardboard boxes, food, plastic, sheet metal, glass, cans, stackers, packaging and much more

You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The VUSS area gripper solve your individual lifting task.Request a quote now

Examples of use



counting and unloading station and roboter


cans and packaging


Vacuumtraverse with six vacuum gripper moduls




Media and further information

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