VUSS Vacuum Area Gripper

Moving several workpieces or workpieces with recesses

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Not only uneven, structured surfaces but also undefined pick-up positions and varying dimensions can be easily be handled with the aid of the VUSS vacuum gripper.
Be it in logistics, small trade or industry. AERO-LIFT® VUSS facilitates the use of vacuum lifting equipment now for your materials – regardless of whether a pallet of cans is not full or there is a pile of wooden boards laying loosely together or every workpiece has an individual, different size.

Functionality and special features

The basic principle is really simple: The robot attaches a vacuum plate to the product to be transported instead of grabbing it. In such cases, it does not matter whether the products have holes, are slanted or comprise several parts. With the AERO-LIFT®
VUSS, which uses flow control valves to activate and deactivate many small suction points, a vacuum is generated and the goods are moved safely in a fully automated manner to their destination.

Be it an incomplete pallet of cans or a lose stack of wood boards or individual workpieces of varying sizes: Thanks to the AERO-LIFT vacuum grippers, you will be able to easily handle both uneven, textured surfaces and products of various dimensions. The more than 100 possible variations offered by the gripper system ensure an easy adaptation to your materials and requirements. Simply combine your existing robots with the AERO-LIFT vacuum grippers and create an optimum overall solution for your company. The AERO-LIFT pays for itself in no time!

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