Chemical and pharmaceutical

In the chemical industry and in the production of pharmaceuticals, bags have to be transported and emptied and the finished products stacked on pallets. Particular importance is attached to cleanliness and hygiene. Here it is important that the vacuum lifters and vacuum tube lifters used are easy to clean and are not attacked by solvents or cleaning agents. In many cases, a stainless steel design of the vacuum components is mandatory. A vacuum tube lifter in V2A stainless steel design is particularly suitable for handling the bags, drums and canisters.

Barrels, buckets, canister

Vacuum lifting devices and tube lifters to handle, emptying and transport of barrels, buckets and canister. 

barrels, buckets, canister


Transportation of 50 kg sacks with a vacuum tube lifter. With the tube lifter the sacks can be easily transported filled in boxes. A silencer box for the vacuum blower reduces the noise level. A radio control at the handle of the tube lifter to switch on/off the blower is for a fomfortable working.


tube lifters


Palleting and stacking of cartons in stores and dispatch area. Simultaneous removal of several cartons or entire pallet layers in a single operation.


tube lifters

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