Vacuum lifter for horizontal transport

Our vacuum lifting devices for horizontal transport are suitable for all panel materials with smooth surfaces, such as sheet metal, plastic panels or coated wooden panels. The devices of the Standard and ADVANCE series lift goods of up to 2,000 kg in a wide range of formats and sizes.

AERO standard series

Vacuum lifter of the standard series are characterised by their robust and durable design. Depending on the configuration, an AERO standard device lifts 150 to 2000 kg with four to eight suction plates. The modular design allows for adaptation to different sizes and surfaces of the goods to be transported. A reliable, low-maintenance and easy-care lifting solution for sheet materials.

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The vacuum lifter of the AERO ADVANCE series have the same capabilities as the standard series, but are characterised by additional, innovative additional functions and a modern appearance. An intelligent warning device, a built-in automatic energy-saving device, safety spiral hoses, a convenient multifunctional operating handle and other smart features make the ADVANCE the perfect partner for modern production.

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