Vacuum Tube Lifter

Easy handling of cartons, paper and plastic sacks, as well as buckets and drums. In many areas of application, such as handling cartons in shipping, stacking bags in the pharmaceutical industry or transporting buckets, canisters and drums in the chemical industry, the tube lifter takes the strain off employees. The vacuum tube lifter can even make it easier to transfer loads when handling food for cheese production or transporting sausage and fish products. AERO-LIFT tube lifters ensure that work is carried out with minimum effort in almost every industry and can speed up and simplify the process of transporting, lifting and packing. The tube lifters comply with the latest safety regulations according to EN 14238: 2004.

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All tube lifter variants:


The strongest and only instinctively operated vacuum tube lifter that lifts up to 75 kg with just one hand.

  • one-hand operation up to 75 kg
  • for boxes, barrels, sacks, wooden and sheet metal elements, etc.
  • innovative functions such as hovering even with load
  • for fast, dynamic and ergonomic movements


The tube lifter for the small tasks: The FLEX-LIFT is suitable for smaller lifting tasks. You can lift goods up to 35 kg quickly and easily.

  • one-handed operation up to 35 kg
  • for smaller boxes, barrels, buckets etc.
  • small and for easy movements
  • optional extended arm for high storage heights

Tube Lifter Variations & Accessories

To make working with hose lifters even easier and more efficient, they can be adapted to your specific needs. The combination with VUSS large-area grippers, for example, makes a tube lifter the ideal partner for unloading CNC or laser cutting systems. In addition, suction feet with quick-change closures offer the possibility of quickly changing between different transport goods.

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