Compact panel lifter for the construction site

With its extremely reduced design and low weight, the vacuum lifter is ideally suited for use in confined conditions. If necessary, the compact, mobile unit can be moved manually on the construction site. The individually adjustable pairs of suction plates and the 360° rotatable mounting allows different transport goods and scenarios. The quick and variable reconfiguration allows versatile applications at changing locations.

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Performances of the CLAD-BRO

  • extremely compact design and low weight

  • up to 250 kg load capacity

  • up to 11 meter long transport goods

  • 360° turnable mounting with 45° finely graduated detent

  • individually adjustable pairs of suction plates with 4 suction plates

  • double safety through two-circuit vacuum system

  • increased productivity through user-oriented functions

Special features of the CLAD-BRO

The 360° rotatable mounting with finely structured detent allows different transport positions.

The associated mobile transport frame allows easy and uncomplicated transport between locations.

The two-circuit vacuum system in combination with the optical-acoustic warning device ensures optimum safety.

The transport of workpieces is supported by safety belts and the flexibly suspended mounting.

Additional safety for transported goods and users is provided by the safety belts, which can be used in any position.

Extra large suction plates with a special seal provide the necessary contact surface to hold goods in place.

Individually and easily adjustable pairs of suction plates enable goods of different widths to be transported.

... and other special features

  • battery-powered vacuum generation with long running times

  • Automatic power saving through electronic vacuum monitoring

  • extremely robust design of all components for high demands

  • fast and flexible changeover through simple mechanisms

Usage for the CLAD-BRO

The compact vacuum lifter for the construction site is ideal for applications such as

  • Installing roof panels in hall construction and roofing

  • Installing wall panels in hall construction

  • Transport of sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets

  • Assembly and installation of facade elements

  • Installation of panel material on buildings

  • Construction sites with difficult access to the job site

  • For operations with small teams

You know these fields of application and are looking for a flexible handling solution for your cladding projects?
The CLAD-BRO is your compact vacuum lifter for the construction site.

Individualization with additional options

Special suction plate seals

Depending on the properties of the goods to be transported, the use of other suction plates is recommended. Special suction plate designs also make it possible to transport panels with particularly strong textures.

Remote control for suction release

Controlling the suction release function by remote control increases flexibility in handling the vacuum lifter, since users can also control the pick-up or deposit of the transported goods from a suitable distance.

Maintenance & UVV inspection

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine.

Media and further information

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