Handling of side parts, roof elements during both production and final assembly. Lifting and positioning of irregular shaped parts (fuel tanks) with flexible suction grippers, also with adjustable suction cups.

Car / Truck

Buliding of superstructure systems for vehicles. Transportation of elements with vacuum lifting device

Handling of superstructure systems for vehicles with vacuum lifting device with swivelling function. The elements have a weight up to 250 kg.
1) Handling of roof elements up to 8000 x 2500 mm.
2) Handling von side elements up to 8000 x 1200 mm.


Removal of engine bonnets

Removal of car engine bonnets from a robot cell and depositing of motor hood for further processing.

Caravan and house trailer

Transportation of roof elements

Insertion and depositing of flat telescopic suction grippers for different roof element dimensions. Integration of control elements in crane control 

Final assembly of camper rear-end parts, final assembly

Vertical insertion of bulky rear-end parts (100 kg lifting capacity). 

Handling of built-in furniture for caravans

The vacuum lifting device is used in the pre-assembly of caravan built-in furnitures.

Box gripper

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