The AERO-LIFT Company

AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of transport and handling solutions based on vacuum technology. The company was founded in 1992 and is located in Geislingen-Binsdorf, Zollernalbkreis. Located in the southwest of Germany between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb, successful resources are used consistently. Our pleasant working environment and a harmonious atmosphere are reflected in the high product quality. Lived quality awareness supported by technical quality management ensure the high product level.

Our Milestones

1992 Foundation of the company by Max Pauli in Geislingen-Binsdorf and construction of the first production and administration building

1993 Expansion of the product portfolio to include battery-powered construction site equipment

1996 Development of the first heavy-duty equipment with a load capacity of over 8,000 kg

1997 Extension of the production area and start of the international orientation

1999 Second extension of the production hall and first participation in a foreign trade fair in the United Arab Emirates

2001 First office extension

2005 Further large extension of the office and production buildings

2007 AERO-LIFT becomes a training company for commercial and technical professions

2009 Start of cooperation with DHBW for dual study courses 

2013 New construction/expansion of the production hall

2020 Inauguration of the newly built AERO-LIFT Academy

2021 Market launch of the innovative one-hand tube lifter FORCE-LIFT

2022 Expansion of the tube lifter portfolio with market launch of the FORCE-LIFT | 2 and presentation of the new company logo

Vision and Mission

We believe that people want to work healthier and more efficiently. That is why we develop handling and transport solutions which, on the one hand, increase efficiency in production, dispatch or at the assembly site and thus save existing resources. On the other hand, by designing an ergonomic workplace, we ensure the long-term health of your employees. It is particularly important to us to create exactly the system solution that best meets the needs of our customers by combining innovative technologies.


Reliability and customer focus

The concept of vacuum technology can be transferred to almost any industry and therefore requires great innovative power and flexibility. An ingenious modular system and the wealth of experience in the field of special solutions allow us to constantly break new ground. Our creative team works with motivation to find the right solution for every specific handling problem. Our international orientation, modern internal and external training programmes and a good climate are the fertile ground for constantly optimising the customer benefits of our products and services.

In doing so, we support the customer in optimising workplaces at every step: from development, production, assembly, maintenance and spare parts service to staff training, e.g. in our AERO-LIFT AKADEMIE, we are a reliable partner for all matters. For us, customers are more than just static business-to-business relationships.

Quality and production

Best quality is part of our DNA. That is why we not only pay attention to regionality and quality when selecting suppliers, but also take care of the entire production process of a vacuum lifting device ourselves: From the design of complex vacuum crossheads and vacuum technology systems, to the planning and production of control technology and vacuum lifters, vacuum crossheads and vacuum systems, to painting, final assembly and on-site installation and commissioning, everything is done under one roof. This enables us to maintain constant quality management and to solve your individual handling problems quickly and efficiently. You can find out more about our quality standards here.


Health prevention: ergonomics in the workplace

Why vacuum technology? For the customer, the use of our equipment means that not only productivity and added value can be measurably increased. Process reliability, efficiency and adaptability of the vacuum systems are also decisive. At the same time, the increasingly important requirements of ergonomics and humanisation of the workplace for the health and motivation of employees are comprehensively met. The use of lifting aids means lifting loads permanently without pain for the employee.


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