Wood Working, Furniture Industry

Wood is an extremely sensitive material that must always be handled with care in order to prevent scratches or damage, regardless of its stage of processing.
You will look forward to the moment, when you attach the lifter to a wooden panel and lift it for the first time. As if on its own, it floats in the air to be turned and guided and transported in a flexible manner.

OSB-, MDF- and chipboards

How do you normally transport large OSB or particle boards?
That usually requires multiple employees and work steps in order to transport heavy and bulky goods from A to B.
Thanks to AERO-PORO vacuum lifters from AERO-LIFT, such problems are now history!
Now your existing crane can be made much more effective by adding an AERO-PORO lifter. The crane operator can now lift, transport, swivel and deposit workpieces all on his own. Safely without damage and assistance.
Tailored to your requirements, our AERO-PORO lifters are able to transport very large panels with ease and can even generate a reliable vacuum when handling porous materials.


Beams and planks

Transporting very long and very heavy wooden planks has always been one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to handling wood.
AERO-LIFT makes this difficult task seem like child's play with its AERO-TIMBER vacuum lifter.
With the AERO-TIMBER mounted on your crane, only one person is needed to transport extra-long planks to wherever they are required.
The blockable, three-chamber suction plates ensure that planks of various widths and weights can be processed without any changeover.
Thus, a centuries-old problem vanishes practically into thin air


Coated wooden boards

Handling of wooden plates with a tube lifter. Lifting the boards up and laying it on a woodworking machine. The worked wood plates are swivelled manually with the tube lifter.

Tube lifter

Vertical sawing

Loading of a vertical saw with wooden boards, simple control via a manual pivoting device. The board can be pivoted through 90 degrees with a pivoting lever

Tube lifterTube Lifter

steps and stair strings

For instance, the VUSS tube lifters offer the optimum solution for stair builders when it comes to handling stringers with milled-out portions. A variety of wood and furniture elements can be transported without requiring any additional refitting, as the VUSS adapts to the contoues of every workpiece. There is no set-up time  ecessary thanks to alternating the suction system. A safe and reliable handling is ensured by the patented valve system, even if the products to be moved have holes or milled-out portions. Where other vacuum lifters fail, our VUSS tube lifter with vacuum grippers can impress by showing off its strengths.

Tube lifter with vacuum gripper

Furniture, tabletops, chairs

Lifting and transportation of porous wooden boardys and tabletops. Handling of coated and uncoated boards, chairs and other furnitures.

Tube lifter

curved, freshly-sawn wood

Wood is an natural product which changes after sawing. When storing, the wood still swells and forms into a bowing. Simple standard suction plates can not lift such asperity anymore.
So, what could we do? AERO-LIFT invented two slim, swinging and hanging suction plates from the standard one for rough wood. That allows the adjustment to the deformed work piece. Even highly deformed wood can be transported easily, quickly and precisely.

AERO-LIFT turning unit for wooden elements up to 1800 kg

Vacuum turning unit for wooden sheets with a dimension of 13.000 mm and a own weight of 1800 kg.  Electronic warning system to control vacuum and main voltage.

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