Battery-powered, compact vacuum lifter

Small, but mighty! The universal talent for sheet metal processing, housing and window construction, electronics, logistics areas, cabin and container construction and many more. The AERO-CUBE convinces as a light, compact vacuum lifter for independent and flexible use, especially when lifting smooth surfaces. The device works independently with a battery (24V), so that only a crane is needed to use the AERO-CUBE.

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Features of the AERO-CUBE

  • One basic device, countless application possibilities

  • Immediately ready for use, as mains-independent

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Horizontal as well as vertical handling

  • Mobile and flexible use

  • Powerful battery, without mains supply

  • One suction plate (glass, grooved rubber, foam rubber seal)

  • Extremely robust construction

Special features of the AERO-CUBE

Ready for action. Ready to use. Now.

The mains-independent AERO-CUBE starts immediately and is operated intuitively. This is how efficient work works.


Lightness meets handiness.

With a net weight of only 20 kg and its compact dimensions, the AERO-CUBE can be easily and quickly carried by hand from site to site, without any additional aids.


Horizontal as well as vertical handling.

With two integrated crane eyes, the AERO-CUBE can move loads horizontally as well as be used vertically. This saves investment costs in several different devices.


Universal use.

Adapt the AERO-CUBE to your needs: With a variety of suction plates that can be exchanged, you are able to lift a wide range of workpieces - on smooth as well as uneven surfaces.


Intuitive operability & ergonomics.

After brief instruction, the AERO-CUBE can be operated by any employee. The vacuum lifter also enables rapid familiarization. The self-explanatory operation with clear symbols in the display leads to high acceptance among operators. Heavy loads can be moved easily and with little strain on the back.

Versatile connection options.

In addition to cranes, the AERO-CUBE can also be used in conjunction with existing forklifts or lift trucks. Additional investment costs in further floor handling equipment are eliminated entirely.

Maximum occupational safety.

Compared to self-priming systems, the battery operation ensures that the vacuum is maintained for several minutes by means of the follow-up pumping. In addition, the integrated warning device alerts the operator at an early stage. The protection and safety features guarantee optimum occupational safety and thus minimize injury-related downtime.

Applications for the AERO-CUBE

  • in sheet metal processing

  • during the assembly of housing and window construction

  • in the electronics sector

  • in the shipping and logistics sector

  • cabin and tank construction

  • when handling goods with smooth surfaces,
    e.g. barrels, plastic sheets or glass panes

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You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The AERO-CUBE is your flexible battery powered vacuum lifter for the small tasks.  Request a quote now

Individualization with additional options

Maintenance & UVV inspection

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine.


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