The new vacuum tube lifter FORCE-LIFT®

There was still space for improvement. We used it.

Our decades of experience in vacuum lifting technology have shown us: It's time to set new standards for tube lifters. The motivation to find the best handling solution for each of our customers has driven us to this innovation. With a lot of ingenuity and heart and soul, we have achieved what was long considered impossible. A truly instinctive control of the device. With one hand up to 75 kg, even for porous transport goods or with recesses. Fast, strong, ergonomic. You don't believe that? Then: Let the magic happen!

May we introduce: Your strongest employee.

Does every job: The FORCE-LIFT® vacuum tube lifter makes possible an optimized material flow and ergonomic workplaces in numerous industries. Wherever goods are moved quickly and frequently, it shows its strengths: Productivity, functionality, flexibility!


  • for boxes, barrels, bags, sheet metal, plastic and wooden parts

  • during order picking, palletizing or depalletizing

  • during unpacking and packing of goods and transport pieces

  • during machine loading and unloading with materials

  • in shipping, warehousing, logistics, incoming and outgoing goods

  • in the wood and furniture industry, wood processing

  • in the sheet metal industry, metal industry, sheet metal processing

  • in the food and grocery, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

  • in the packaging industry

  • ... and many more!


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  • Woman transports cartons with tube lifter Force-Lift in a production hall
  • Woman effortlessly operates tube lifter FORCE-LIFT and transports cartons to a shelf
  • Woman transports cartons with tube lifter Force-Lift in a production hall
  • Woman transporting bags with Force-Lift tube lifter in a production hall
  • Tube lifter Force-Lift lifts metal with holes
  • FORCE-LIFT tube lifter with canister gripper attachment lifts canisters
  • Detailed view of the VUSS large-area gripper attachment on the FORCE-LIFT tube lifter

Carries everything you want. Above all, responsibility.

75 kilogram. All that one-handed.

You don't need power, as it has enough: The FORCE-LIFT® is the strongest one-hand hose lifter on the market. By carrying up to 75 kg, depending on the goods being transported, this all-rounder masters heavy and light lifting tasks at the same time. In addition, it is equally suitable for left- and right-handers.

Flexibility is guaranteed.

Quick-change >> suction feet allow the handling of airtight as well as porous materials with only one device, e.g. boxes, barrels, sacks, canisters, sheets or wooden elements. In combination with the VUSS large-area gripper technology, workpieces with recesses, countersinks and grooves such as checker plates, perforated plates or rough-sawn wood can also be suctioned and transported.


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Simple handling for fast cycle times. 

We have made possible what was considered impossible for years: An instinctive control system that adapts to our operating behavior. This means that the FORCE-LIFT® can be used immediately. The turning and swiveling functions make it child's play to maneuver transport goods.

Ergonomic work motivates and economizes.

Energy-sapping work processes are a thing of the past: The new and simple workflows with the FORCE-LIFT® relieve and motivate employees equally. 
It guarantees an easy activity, that is gentle on the joints - even with repetitive movements. The health of your employees is preserved as well as sick days and costs are minimized.

All functions at a glance.

Configuration and extensions

Double rectangular suction foot

Suitable for:

air permeable surfaces

  • boxes

closed surfaces

  • metal parts
  • glass
  • coated wood
  • plastic parts

Bag suction foot

Suitable for:

  • bags

Round suction foot

Suitable for:

closed surfaces

  • barrels
  • container
  • tons

Area gripper suction foot

Suitable for:

air permeable surfaces

  • with recesses, grooves, countersinks
  • deburring parts
  • aingle part elements
  • several workpieces at the same time

Hook / canister gripper

Suitable for:

  • canister
  • bucket
  • cans

Column-mounted slewing crane

  • boom mounted on swivel column
  • smooth running chassis
  • pivoting range: 270°
  • jib lengths: 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 6 m
  • flange outer-⌀: 410 mm
  • min. room height: 4000 mm 

Mobile column slewing crane

  • column with boom on mobile base plate
  • smooth running chassis
  • pivoting range: 360°
  • jib lengths: 3 m, 4 m
  • min. room height: 4000 mm 
  • dimensions base plate: 1200 x 1200 mm


Column slewing crane with knuckle boom

  • articulated jib
  • pivoting range: 360°
  • max. projection, length: 2 x 1500 mm
  • flange outer-⌀: 540 mm
  • min. room height: 3500 mm

Wall-mounted slewing crane

  • cantilever with dowel plate for attachment to concrete column
  • smooth running chassis
  • swivel range: 180°
  • jib lengths: 3 m, 4 m, 5 m, 6m
  • overall height: 940 mm 
  • Options: Mechanical swing limitation; mounting bracket for vacuum generation

Wall-mounted slewing crane with knuckle boom

  • articulated jib
  • mounted by wall bracket
  • Swivelling range: 180°
  • individually projected, available on request.
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Ceiling rail system

  • smooth running aluminum rails
  • coverage of a large, individual work area
  • individually projected, available on request
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Motor protection switch

With the motor protection switch, malfunctions of the vacuum generator are consistently excluded. With this additional safety mechanism, the tube lifter achieves a longer service life and reduces the cost of repairs.

Sound insulation hood

An additional sound insulation hood reduces the noise level of the vacuum generator and at the same time protects it from external influences such as dust or moisture.

Radio remote control

Radio remote control for convenient switching on and off of the vacuum generator, without disturbing cables.

Load capacity maximum:75 kg
Possible transport goods:Cartons, bags, buckets, canisters, barrels, and more.
Own weight operating head:2,4 kg
Lifting tube diameter: Ø100 mm, Ø120 mm or Ø160 mm
Vacuum generator:      Pump VAL 50T, VAL 80T | Blower: 3 kW
Noise level:Pump 55 dB(A) | Blower: 74-80 dB(A)
IP protection class:IP 31

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