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Concrete elements, granite slabs and stones can be easily and safely transported, stacked or removed with a vacuum lifter or vacuum tube lifter. This creates ergonomic workplaces and increases the workflow.

Case Study

Concrete is a fascinating material with a wide range of applications in the construction industry. However, handling large and complex concrete components in particular can become a real challenge. Whether during transport, storage or installation - there are many factors to consider to ensure safety and avoid damage.

In our case study, we have dedicated ourselves to this very topic and show you how an innovative solution can help to make the handling of concrete parts easier, safer and more efficient. Learn about the challenges we overcame, the solutions we developed and the resulting benefits. Be curious about our results and let us inspire you.


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Concrete elements 650 kg

Vacuum lifting device to handle and swivel 90° concrete elements up to 650 kg. The vacuum lifter is used to remove the elements from the mold.

Concrete elements up to 10.000 kg

Vacuum traverse to handle concrete element with a own weight of 10,000 kg and a dimension of 8000 x 2450 mm

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Concrete plates with structure

Mains free vacuum lifter with battery power and toolless quick changing of the suction plates.

Handling of concrete plates with structure. Battery pack with external battery charger.

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Vacuum tube lifter to handle concrete elements

Lifting up concrete elements and laying on a pallet with a tube lifter.

With a fork the concrete rings are fixed and with the tube lifter the concrete elements are lifted and transported.

Concrete and tunnel elements

The vacuum lifting device was designed for the transport of semicircular concrete elements of up to 900 kg. The concrete element can be lifted and transported by means of a special suction pad construction, which is attached to the inside radius of the concrete element.

Form removal of concret elements

Device with AERO-LIFT-components: vacuum pump, suction plates, vacuum tubes, valves to remove concret elemts out of the form.

Concrete trough for road construction

Outdoor vacuum lifting device for use at construction sites. Load lifting capacity of 900 kg for the transport of concrete troughs for building roads and railroad beds.
The hydraulic system of the excavator can be used to generate the vacuum and to turn the load.

Swivelling granite board

Lifting up vertical standing granite boards with a dimension of 3000 x 2000 mm and a weight up to  600 kg with a vacuum lifting device. Manually swivelling of the load.

Stones and stone plates

Picking up stones of a stone saw with tube lift, visual control and laying on pallets.

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