Vacuum systems

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these units are individually-tailored products adapted to suit customer requirements

Turning table of a vacuum system
Vacuum systems

custom-built machinery


180° Tilting unit

Tilting unit 180° for shipbuilding panels 10 000 x 2 500 mm. With a control board the load can be sucked or ventilated and 180° turned to clean the metal sheets

Vacuum system of a fully automatic metal sheet prozessing machine

Vacuum glasslifter type: AERO 200/4M-FLEX
Vacuum lifting device for vertical handling of glass panes with a dimension of 3500x1500 mm and a maximum weight of 200 kg.

Automatic lifting unit for plexiglass hoods
plastic covers are raised from pallets with this automatic unit to cover the pallets. Options: dual circuit system, additional gripping of hood from below during raising

Vacuum system Typ: AERO 1000/16R-90°-SK
180°C hot plastic slabs up to 1000 kg are removed in a vertical position from a press with this automatic unit, pivoted through 90° until horizontal and deposited.

AERO 2500/24R-SK
This vacuum lifting unit is part of a sheet metal processing machine. Each suction plate can be controlled individually via 24 impulse valves.

180° Tilting unit
Tilting unit 180° for shipbuilding panels 10 000 x 2 500 mm

vacuum lifting unit for concrete elements on building sites
Vacuum lifter for outdoor use. Load bearing capacity 900 kg for concrete elements to build streets and  railroad lines.