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Vacuum box gripper

Cabinet   •   Cupboard   •   Case

Vacuum lifting devices with two shiftable arms and suction plates to fix the box at the side.




Handling, swivelling and transportation of cupboard, boxes, housings and other loads with the AERO-LIFT box grippers. Two arms with hand slide valves or elektro magnetic valve, electronic warning system with vacuum and power supply check. Big and heavy


Sample applications

Vacuum box-gripper up to 100kg
Vacuum lifting device for boxes and boards. Load bearing capacity 100 kg. Handwheel to swivel the boxes manually.

Box gripper to handle steel sheet cabinets
Handling and swivelling of steel sheet cabinets with a vacuum box gripper. The inox steel sheet cabinets have a total weight up to 400 kg and a dimension of 1800 x 400 x 600 mm up to 2200 x 850 x 1600 mm.

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