Vacuum Box Gripper

Moving and rotating boxes, cabinets and housings

Cabinet   •   Cupboard   •   Case
This vacuum lifter for boxes and cabinets has mechanism for moving the two suction arms together on both sides and guide rails for easy adjustment of the holding arms with cable connection and clamping lever. This makes the crate gripper suitable for crates, cabinets and cladding.


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Features of the vacuum Box Gripper

  • Designed for indoor use

  • Up to 250 kg load capacity

  • Suitable for vertical transport +360° turn

  • Synchronous adjustment with clamping lock of the arms enables size adjustment

  • With safety manual slide valves the load is sucked in right and left

Special features of the vacuum Box Gripper

The vertical cross beams can be locked on both sides (locking disc +/- 2° divided into 0.5° steps). The angle can be locked using a ball locking bolt. This makes different suction angles possible.


Large LED circular beacons for the electronic warning device


Includes - NEW - spiral cable (Ø 140 mm, black) for power supply (spiral surroundingload chain and chain hoist) - no twisting of the power cable during turns


Eight long suction plates and spring-loaded lip rubber seal


Spring-loaded ball thrust piece for 0° and 90° position for holding arm left (without gear)


Comfortable control panel with may functions


Applications for the Vacuum Box Gripper

  • For handling housings and cabinets

  • Stainless steel sheet metal cabinets

  • Box-like cabinets, such as refrigerators, metal cabinets, shower cubicles

You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The Vaccum Box Gripper is your flexible vacuum lifter. Request a quote now

Individualization with additional options

Maintenance & UVV inspection

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine.


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