Vacuum lifter with blower for porous sheet materials

Convenient handling of panels. How did you transport large OSB or chipboard panels until now? Usually, several employees and work steps were necessary to transport the heavy and bulky goods from A to B.With AERO-PORO vacuum lifter from AERO-LIFT, these problems are a thing of the past! Use your existing crane much more effectively with an AERO-PORO lifting device.

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Features of AERO-PORO

  • weight of the transported goods max. 900 kg

  • Panel material up to a size of 5.10 m x 2.50 m

  • Can be used by only one person

  • Regardless of whether panels are porous or airtight

Special features of the AERO-PORO

Thanks to the flexible attachment to a wide variety of cranes, you can make the best use of your existing infrastructure.

An extendable and angled two-hand operating handle ensures an ergonomic working posture and an optimum view of the workpiece.


Due to the powerful blowers with overrun flywheel mass, the AERO-PORO can lift and move even heavy porous materials.


The load can be conveniently swiveled and tilted 90° using the operating buttons on the manipulation handle.

Applications for the AERO-PORO

  • In sawmills, carpentry companies and in wood processing in joineries

  • In the furniture industry and in the production of prefabricated wooden parts

  • Suitable for solid wood panels, raw particleboard and coated particleboard, MDF, HDF, OSB, plywood, gypsum board, gypsum fiberboard, polystyrene rigid foam board, plastic board and other board materials.

You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The AERO-PORO is your vaccum lifter for porous sheet materials.Request a quote now

Individualization with additional options

Remote control

The crane and vacuum lifter can be controlled by radio remote control. Thus, all functions (lifting, lowering, moving, suction, release, swing) are controlled conveniently and safely, for example, by the crane operator.

LED warning lights

LED warning lights visible from afar ensure increased safety for the operator and the environment. They thus supplement the standard acoustic warning device with clearly visible warning signals in particularly noisy production environments.

Motor-protective circuit-breaker

With the motor-protective circuit-breaker, malfunctions of the vacuum generators are consistently excluded. This additional safety mechanism gives the vacuum lifter a longer service life and reduces the repair effort.

Maintenance & UVV inspection

With an annual maintenance and inspection of your vacuum lifter in accordance with the accident prevention regulations (UVV), you achieve increased reliability for man and machine (only in Germany).

Technical Data

AERO-PORO horizontal handling

Type Item No. Load bearing capacity min. size (mm) max. size (mm)
AERO 300/1L-P 1030768 300 kg 900 x 500 mm 4100 x 2100 mm
AERO 600/2L-P 1030771 600 kg 1400 x 850 mm 5500 x 2100 mm
AERO 900/3L-P 1030772 900 kg 2500 x 850 mm 5500 x 2100 mm

AERO-PORO 90° slewing

Type Item No. Load bearing capacity min. size (mm) max. size (mm)
AERO 300/2L-90°-P-NB 1030769 300 kg 1400 x 850 mm 5600 x 3200 mm
AERO 450/3L-90°-P-NB 1030770 450 kg 2500 x 850 mm 5600 x 3200 mm

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