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Vacuum lifting device with bower type AERO-PORO

Wood- and furniture industry   •   distribution and logistics   •   chipboards   •   oriented strand boards   • 

  MDF boards   •   Hard wood boards   •   precast elements   •   cardboard

How do you normally transport large OSB or particle boards?
That usually requires multiple employees and work steps in order to transport heavy and bulky goods from A to B.
Thanks to AERO-PORO vacuum lifters from AERO-LIFT, such problems are now history!
Now your existing crane can be made much more effective by adding an AERO-PORO lifter. The crane operator can now lift, transport, swivel and deposit workpieces all on his own. Safely without damage and assistance. Tailored to your requirements, our AERO-PORO lifters are able to transport very large panels with ease and can even generate a reliable vacuum when handling porous materials.

Functionality and characteristics


Handling, transport and swivelling of hundreds of kilo heavy porous wooden boards in saw mills, carpenters and in the wood and furniture industy. Because of the porosity a lifting device with vacuum pump and vakuum tank is not possible. The AERO-PORO with blower and flywheel mass allow the handling of pervious wood boards.

Application videos:

Technical Data

AERO-PORO horizontal Handling

Type Item No. Load bearing capacity min. size (mm) max. size (mm)
AERO 300/1L-P 1030768 300 kg 900 x 500 mm 4100 x 2100 mm
AERO 600/2L-P 1030771 600 kg 1400 x 850 mm 5500 x 2100 mm
AERO 900/3L-P 1030772 900 kg 2500 x 850 mm 5500 x 2100 mm


AERO-PORO 90° slewing

Type Item No. Load bearing capacity min. size (mm) max. size (mm)
AERO 300/2L-90°-P-NB 1030769 300 kg 1400 x 850 mm 5600 x 3200 mm
AERO 450/3L-90°-P-NB 1030770 450 kg 2500 x 850 mm 5600 x 3200 mm