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... can lift glass panels, windows, metal sheets or insulated sandwich wall panels up to 400 kg.


Glass and metal panels:
up to 400 kg in weight horizontally and vertically

Sandwich panels for wall:
horizontal: max. 10 m, vertical: max. 12 m in length and 400 kg in weight

The CLAD-BOARD can be rotated in both directions by 360 ° and swiveled 90 ° from the horizontal to the vertical, or vice versa.

  • Safety is ensured by a double-circuit vacuum system.
  • The double number of valves, vacuum chambers and vacuum accumulators guarantees two completely independent vacuum circuits. Each of these vacuum circuits is monitored separately.
  • Moreover, our unique safety belt system offers the highest safety possible.
  • The device is battery driven, a battery charger and a battery indicator is integrated.

    AERO-LIFT vacuum lifting devices are designed and built in compliance with the applicable safety standards according to EN 13155 and ASME B30 and are tested and documented according to the applicable accident prevention
    regulations BGR 500 and the machinery directive 2006/42/EG, annex II A!

    The final acceptance tests are carried out in compliance with VDE 0113 and EN 60204.

    All welding work is carried out according to the applicable standards in a professional way.
    Verifiable statics are given.

    The completely new big suction plate with 4 independent suction chambers is weather and UV resistant.

    The frame is made of steel and is equipped with an adjustable lifting bracket.

    In the storage and transport rack, the CLAD-BOARD can be stowed to save space and transported comfortably.

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