Craft and Building Site

Whether in production or directly on site - we will find the right lifting and transport equipment for your workpieces! Robust construction site equipment such as the proven CLAD-BOY® makes the installation of roof and wall panels, windows, doors and wooden elements quick and easy. Vacuum and tube lifters also facilitate the handling of your products  in timber and wood working or construction.

Building company for halls

Mounting of wall panells ond profiled sheetings with CLAD-BOY or CLAD-MAN to cover industry halls, exhibition halls or agricultural buildings.


Mains free vacuum lifting device for glass panes, windows and glass doors at construction side for outdoor use. The ideal solution for workers that often are faced with heavy lifting tasks. The CLAD-LIFT can be used for variety of applications, the machine is sold with various accessories for mounting windows or special toolings for other tasks.

To lift windows, glass doors or glass elements in the production, the AERO-Window ist the perfect solution.

to the CLAD-LIFT

to the CLAD-TEC

Saw mills

Transport of freshly-sawn planks, big beams and timber. Loading a vertcal saw with OSB, MDF boards or chipboards.

Handling of boards pervious to air with a AERO-PORO. Handling of long and big timber with a AERO-TIMBER.



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