Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is our future.

Handling and transport of solar and photovoltaics panels with vacuum lifting devices and tube lifters.

You need a lifting device for ...

Wind energy

Vacuum lifting devices to transport sheet metals for towers to build wind energy plants. Transportation of rotor blades for wind energy plants.

to the heavy load devices

Solar energy

Vacuum lifting devices and tube lifters to handle components and solar panels in the production or packaging.

Horizontal transportation of glass pipes for solar panels
Simultanious transportation of 16 glass pipes in the production of solar panels with a total weight of 15 kg. Function suck and ventilate with two push buttons at the handle of the device. Vacuum generation with a external vacuum system.

Transportation of photovoltaics elements
Horizontal and vertical handling of elements for photovoltaics systems. Increased safety with integrated  two vacuum circles.

Vacuum lifting device for solar panels
High quality solar panels are transpoted and swivelled with this compact vacuum lifting device. A vacuum ejector is used for the vacuum generation.