Barrels, buckets, canister

When handling drums, buckets, canisters or other containers, vacuum lifters or tube lifters of different types and sizes can be used. Examples include drum grippers with manual or electric motor-driven turning units, vacuum lifters or tube lifters with suction plates for lateral suction of the drums or vacuum drum lifters with suction cups for suction from above. Here, the suction plates can be changed quickly to adapt to different drum diameters.

Sample applications:

Tube lifter for barrels up to 250 kg

Handling barrels with 215 liter or 220 liter liquid and a total weight of 250 kg with a vacuum tube lifter for barrels. The barrels are fixed sideways with the vacuum pads and lifted and transported.

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Emptying barrels in the pharmaceutical industry

Emptying 50kg barrels into stainless steel containers, column-mounted slewing crane gives hose lifter system a larger action radius.

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AERO-LIFT tube lifter for barrels up to 250 kg in inox

Handling of barrels in a pharmaceutical company. Lifting and transporting of 250 kg barrels with a tube lifter in inox.

The vacuum tube lifter conforms with the safety regulations EN 14238:2004.

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Handling of barrels and buckets with mains free device

With the main free vacuum lifting device type BASIC-LIFT you can lift barrels and buckets up to 400 kg.


Handling of barrels and sacks with only one vacuum blower

Handling of barrels up to 270 kg and sacks 50 kg
Two vacuum tube lifters with mechanical switch to use one vacuum lower:
1. tube lifter for 270 kg barrels
2. tubelifter for 50 kg sacks

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Tube lifter for several canister

Simultaneous lifting and transport 3 or 4 canister with a total weight up to 100 kg. 

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De-stacking of buckets and canister

Handling of canister and buckets with a tube lifter. With the optional quick-release coupling to change the suction pads and the hook quickly and easily.

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Stacking of buckets on paletts with vacuum tube lifter

Buckets with 20 liter are lifted up from a conveyor belt and transported to a palette with a tube lifter.

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Handling of 5L- and 20L-canister

With hooks at the bottom side of the tube lifter the canister are fixed. 6 pc. of 5 liter canister or 4 pc. of 20 liter can be lifted.

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