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Groceries, Food & Drug

Sample applications:

Raw cheese, cheese wheels and cheese blocks

Tube lifter in inox to handle cheese in a cheese dairy.
Lifting, transportation and depositing of cheeses (up to 90 kg), hygienically-designed hose lifter.
Lifting, transporting and depositing of foil-packed raw cheese.

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Handling sausage mass

Transportation of sausage mass in foil packed blocks, stainless steel suction gripper (hygienic design conforming to FDA and EHEDG).

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Emptying containers with raw fish

Transportation of plastic boxes with raw fish, emptying with special gripper (90° pivoting device) with a tube lifter in inox.

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Handling of cartons with bottles with tube lifter type LIGHT-LIFT

Lifting up cartons with bottles from a roll conveyor to a pallet with a tube lifter.

Vacuum generating with a dry running pump.

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Handling of wine bottles

Simultaneous removal of several wine bottles from the transportation conveyor, transportation and depositing on a pallet

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Packaging and handling of cans with beer, limonade or enery drings in the food industry with the AERO-LIFT vacuum gripper.

Regardless of whether a pallet of cans is not full the vacuum gripper can lift the cans.

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Palleting of wine barrels

Palleting of wine barrels, operation possible at any location, thanks to mounting of hose lifter on mobile column-mounted slewing crane.

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Handling of canister with medicine and care product for farm animals with a tube lifter. De-stacking the canister of pallets with a tube lifter with column mounted slewing crane with folding arm.

more handling of canisters                   to the tube lifters

Food safe handling of sacks

Handling of sacks with corn starch in the food industry with a  food safe inox tube lifter. Lifting up form a pallet and laying down on a conveyor. The AERO-LIFT tube lifters are based on one single concept: Suction-Lifting-Lowering-Release. All units conform to CE standards and are delivered after undergoing new UVC testing.

more handling of sacks                    to the tube lifters

Transportation of cartons complying with food safety requirements

Transportation of cartons with ceiling rail system, stainless steel suction gripper with special seal (hygienic design conforming to FDA and EHEDG)

more Handling of cartons                    to the tube lifters

Stacking of water canisters

Simultaneous removal of 5 water canisters from transportation conveyor, depositing on transportation trolley