Vacuum lifter for the glass and window production

The AERO window glass lifters for vertical transport of glass panes and window elements weighing up to 500kg. Glass panes can be turned +/-  90 in 45° intervals with the aid of a hand wheel. An electronic warning system with acoustic signal is used to monitor the vacuum and the power supplied to the vacuum lift. A manual sliding valve with safety interlock prevents supported window elements from being released inadvertently.

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Features of AERO-WINDOW

  • pplication: Windows and glass panes indoors, in production

  • Load capacity up to 500 kg

  • Pane can be swivelled with a hand wheel

  • Electronic warning device with acoustic signal

  • Transportable by only one employee

  • Reduced production times through fast and safe transport

Special features of the AERO-WINDOW

A manual sliding valve with safety lock prevents unintentional release of the window elements.


Low-marking seals with a special grooved rubber layer ensure gentle transport of the glass sheets.

3-hole suspension eye compensates the center of gravity in case of different transport goods weights.

The manual turning of the load is done by a hand wheel This is equipped with locking bolts for +/-90° in 45° steps, so that the desired position can be fixed easily.

Applications for the AERO-WINDOW

  • Window elements

  • Glass panes

  • Window production

You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The AERO-WINDOW is your flexible vacuum lifter for the glass production.Request a quote now

Individualization with additional options

warning device

Additional safety is provided by red and green lights on the device as a warning device.


Crane holding bag

The practical crane holding bag for fixing the crane operating element offers additional comfort.


Technical data

  AERO 300/4R-V-90° AERO 500/4R-V-90°
article No. 1030705 1030706
pump VAL 4T, 4m3/h, 0,18 KW VAL 4T, 4m3/h, 0,18 KW
suction plates (number/Ø) 4 / 250 mm 4 / 385 mm
warning system acustic acustic
L1 (mm) 600 785
L2 (mm) 600 785
B1 (mm) 446 465
B2 (mm) 253 275
ØD (mm) 250 385
net weight 57 kg 86 kg

Media and further information

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