vacuum lifter - up to 16.000 kg

Vacuum lifter carrying capacity up to 16.000 kg  by the handling of heavy sheet metals. Especially when it comes to handling heavy loads, safety is a top priority. The proven traverse system, the intelligent arrangement of suction plates and the high-quality individual components ensure maximum stability and thus prevent the product to be transported from being deformed.Optical and audible warning devices notify the operator about any possible problems. A vacuum accumulator built in the hot-dipped galvanized main traverse reliably maintains, e.g. in case of a power outage, the vacuum over an extended period and thus guarantees that the transported loaded can be safely lower in case of an emergency.


Heavy duty vacuum lifter in a workshop
Heavy load units

carrying capacity up to 16.000 kg


Sample application

AERO 12000/12L-SK1 load bearing capacity 12.000 kg

Vacuumtraverse with carrying capacity 14.000 kg for handling with a fork lift truck
Two hydraulic cylinder can shorten the main beam from 9500 mm to 6000 mm.

AERO 14000/16L load bearing capacity 14.000 kg
Vacuum traverse for unloading trucks and transportation of sheet metals up to 14.000 kg.

AERO 16000/18L load bearing capacity 16.000 kg
Heavy load unit to handle sheet metals in Malaysia

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