vacuum lifter - up to 20.000 kg

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Heavy sheet metals  •  Heavy wooden plates  •   Concrete and stones 

Vacuum lifter carrying capacity up to 20.000 kg  by the handling of heavy sheet metals. Especially when it comes to handling heavy loads, safety is a top priority. The proven traverse system, the intelligent arrangement of suction plates and the high-quality individual components ensure maximum stability and thus prevent the product to be transported from being deformed.Optical and audible warning devices notify the operator about any possible problems. A vacuum accumulator built in the hot-dipped galvanized main traverse reliably maintains, e.g. in case of a power outage, the vacuum over an extended period and thus guarantees that the transported loaded can be safely lower in case of an emergency..


Heavy duty vacuum lifter up to 20,000 kg in a workshop
Heavy load units

carrying capacity up to 20.000 kg

Sample application

AERO 20000/18M-SK1 load bearing capacity 20.000 kg
Vacuum traverse for horizontal transport of wing parts of wind power plants with a maximum weight of 20,000 kg.

AERO 20000/20L-SK load bearing capacity 20,000 kg

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