Options / Individual components

In addition to a horizontal transport, the load can be turned:  either manually by sheer muscular strength and a prying effect or pneumatically. That way, even large and heavy loads can be moved quickly and easily to the desired position.
Due to flexible operating handles, bulky materials can be lifted and lowered easily even at great heights.  An extended operating handle is provided for the transport of plate materials and large goods.
The tube lifter can be switched on and off via radio by means of a small transmitter located at the tube lifter.
To reduce noises, the blower can be mounted  inside a sound insulation box. In addition, the blower can be mounted at walls or columns by means of optional mounting brackets.
You wish to transport different goods? The optional quick-release coupling can be used to change the suction pads quickly and easily.

Woman operates MAXI-LIFT tube lifter and swings a wooden board in a workshop
Optionen und Einzelkomponenten

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