Palleting and stacking of cartons in stores and dispatch area. Simultaneous removal of several cartons or entire pallet layers in a single operation.

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Sample applications:

Stacking and de-stacking of cartons

Vacuum tube lifters for stacking and de-stacking of cartons. Humanising of the workplace and the massive reduction of loading and unloading times distinguish AERO-LIFT hose lifters with their comfortable and rapid suction-lift-release principle.

Consignment / Preparation of cartons for shipment

Preparation of cartons for packet shipment, use of hose lifters on column-mounted slewing cranes.


Handling of cartons up to 2.20m stack height with a tube lifter. Simple and safe operation with the singlehanded handle, the high-quality multi-layer Neoprene synthetic hose and the non-return valve for safe lowering of the load in the event of a power failure conform to the latest EN 14238 safety regulations.

Palleting of cartons up to a stack height of 2.20m ready for shipment

Non-fatiguing operation up to 2.20m stack height, thanks to pivoting and extendable control handle.

Long control handle for special format cartons

Transfer of cartons with overlong dimensions, adapted control handle design.

Instable packaging

Additional lateral suction surface for cartons with instable packaging (up to 50 kg lifting capacity).

Simultaneous lifting of several cartons

Lifting, transportation and depositing of four cartons simultaneously (special suction pad).

Preparation of cartons with mains-free vacuum lifting unit and forklift

Removal of wrapped cartons from the shelf with a vacuum lifting unit (mains-free version), depositing and selection with the aid of a forklift truck, control panel for vacuum lifting unit integrated in the forklift.

VUSS vacuum gripper simplify the handling of cartons

Simplify the automatical removal and transport of cardboards with the AERO-LIFT VUSS vacuum gripper! Different dimensions and number of cartons can be handled with one vacuum gripper.

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