Tube lifter MAXI-LIFT up to 300 kg

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Be it boxes, bags, drums or wood panels. Be it cabinets, enclosures or crates. Be it in the food processing industry, in chemical companies or a logistics company: Vacuum tube lifters from AERO-LIFT facilitate work in almost all areas of application and can improve the workflow in almost every sector. This saves time and ensures that your employees have a pleasant workplace. And it motivates and makes processes more efficient.

  • Man operating MAXI-LIFT at a wood feeding system in a product mininette
  • Woman lifts a barrel upwards with the MAXI-LIFT barrel tube lifter

Function and features

The AERO-LIFT tube lifters are based on one single concept: Suction-Lifting-Lowering-Release. Numerous additional functions ensure an easy and ergonomic working.  Physical stress due to lifting, stooping and moving the load up to 300 kg can be avoided to a large extent.

In addition to a horizontal transport, the load can be turned:  either manually by sheer muscular strength and a prying effect or pneumatically.

Technical data

type work load max. lift height max. lift speed vacuum generator lift tube Ø
MAXI-LIFT 75 75 kg 1700 mm 0 - 50 m/min blower 3kW 400V / 50 Hz 175 mm
MAXI-LIFT 100 100 kg 1620 mm 0 - 30 m/min blower 3kW 400V / 50 Hz 200 mm
MAXI-LIFT 200 200 kg 1520 mm 0 - 30 m/min bower 3kW 400V / 50 Hz 250 mm
MAXI-LIFT 300 300 kg 600 mm 0 - 30 m/min blower 3kW 400V / 50 Hz 300 mm

Other examples of use


You know these fields of application and are looking for a variable handling solution for your processes?
The MAXI-LIFT is your self-priming vacuum lifter for loads up to 300 kg.  Request a quote now

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