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Sheet Metal Processing

Transfer of metal sheets of up to 50.000 kg sheet weight with different formats in the same position. Primarily the transfer during the machining process when loading and emptying machine tools (cutting, punching and nibbling). Pivoting 0° - 90° or turning 0° - 180° is also realised with vacuum technology to achieve safe process material flow optimisation.

You need a lifting device for ...

loading a laser cutting-off machine

Vacuum lifting device for loading and unloading of a aser cutting-off machine with metal sheets.

Vacuum lifter for horizontal handling

Loading of a waterjet water cutting unit

loading and unloading of a water cutting unit with a vacuum lifting device AERO 900/6R.

Vacuum lifter for horizontal handling

Handling of big and heavy sheets

Carrying and transportation of heavy metal sheets up to 50,000 kg with different dimensions

Heavy load devices

Swivelling 90° of sheet metals

Vacuum lifting devices to pivote the sheet metals 90°

Standard devices 90° swivelling

180° turning of metal sheets

enables processing from 2 sides. Transported materials can be pivoted from 0 to 180° with ease.

Standard devices turning 180°

Formed sheet metals

Vacuum lifter to handle curved, convex sheet metals to build tanks or silos. Lifting loads up to 7.000 mm and 1300 kg.

Handling sheet metal coils with vacuum lifting device

To swivel sheet metal coils  with a vacuum lifting device. Pick up the coils from a palette and swivel it 90° to hang-up on a pin. To handle different diameter of coils you can cut-off a suction circuit.

Handling of sheet metals very flexible with the CLAD-LIFT

With an CLAD-LIFT you can handle plates and sheets metals very flexible. The navigable CLAD-LIFT can pick up sheet metals outdoor and transport it to the laser cutting machine.



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