Making work easy - tube lifter transports dental products at Renfert

A visit to the dentist is a tiresome thing for many people. But behind drills, pliers and co. there is a special branch of industry that requires medical as well as technical knowledge and maximum precision. Renfert GmbH from Hilzingen in the south of Baden-Württemberg, Germany develops intelligent solutions for dental technicians and dentists.

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Heavy cartons were lifted by hand

But this motto is not only an advertising purpose, as we noticed during our visit, but this motivation also radiates very strongly to the inside. Because employee satisfaction is a top priority at Renfert: Many projects have made working pleasant and easy, for example air conditioning in the production facilities and offices or automatic packaging machines in the dispatch warehouse.

The company is highly internationalised and exports to over 120 countries. As a result, many parcels are packed daily and shipped all over the world. Cartons with partially fragile goods weighing up to 32 kg were previously lifted manually onto picking and packing tables or pallets. Michael Wilkesmann is shipping manager at Renfert and realized that this method of working is not efficient: "Our employees always had to bring in one or two men to lift the packages from the pallets". This condition is not ergonomic in the long run and is also harmful to the health of the employees concerned.

Intelligent system solution replaces physical work

Renfert decided to take measures against the physically heavy work at the packaging stations. Wilkesmann, who has been working in the warehouse and logistics sector for years, knows what a good lifting aid must do: "The device should be flexible and cover a large working area".

With a sophisticated handling and transport system, we developed the right solution. The 19 meter long rail system has two five meter wide bridges, each carrying a tube lifter. The two devices cover a working area of approx. 100 square meters and are installed at a total of six workstations. The low dead weight and the smooth running of the aluminium profiles enable easy and fast moving, even with goods to be transported. The system could not be attached directly to the sloping ceilings of the dispatch hall, so that robust suspensions were mounted on the building girders to support the rails. "We are therefore flexible and can modify the system at any time," says dispatch manager Michael Wilkesmann.

The Renfert team quickly agreed on the right device thanks to the "competent advice of the technical AERO-LIFT sales department": The smallest hose lifter in the product range, the FLEX-LIFT in the Ergo version, turned out to be the ideal device for this application. The angled handle allows a particularly ergonomic working position when picking up and placing loads at all heights, which is ideal for the shipping and storage area at the dental technology manufacturer. The cartons weigh up to 32 kg and are sometimes stacked high next to the packaging tables. Wilkesmann emphasizes: "Bringing the cartons down from these heights can be quite dangerous". The vacuum tube lifter immensely reduces this risk.

Additional relief is provided by the FLEX-LIFT's intelligently designed one-hand operating handle, which supports the natural movement of the hand. This ensures short cycle times and targeted placement of the cartons in an ergonomic manner. In addition, the precise handling offers the advantage of being able to transport the sometimes sensitive and fragile products without damage.

"We are very satisfied with the hose lifters from AERO-LIFT. The simple operation required only a short familiarization period until the devices were fully integrated into the picking and shipping process," Wilkesmann sums up. In addition, he has noticed increased motivation among his employees: "Now everyone can work independently and are not dependent on help - this well thought-out solution is simply fun!

You still move heavy cartons, barrels or sacks by hand?

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The product portfolio ranges from devices such as dental microscopes, cleaning, mixing and blasting equipment and suction devices to instruments and materials for the production of dental prostheses. True to the motto "making work easy", Renfert wants to make working in laboratories and practices easier and enable an optimal workflow. The products offer a sensible added value for everyday work, are considered particularly compact and guarantee easy handling.


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