How dreams come true

High up with vacuum lifting technology during the construction of the SC Freiburg soccer stadium.

With the construction of the new soccer stadium, a big dream came true for SC Freiburg! From the groundbreaking ceremony at the end of 2018 to completion in December 2020, a lot happened that also interested the media world. SWR, for example, made a report that can be seen in the media archive as well as on YouTube ("Der Stadionbauer").


Support from Swabia

Professionals were also called upon to build the oversized roof structure. There is room for 34,700 spectators under the mighty 24,000 square meter steel roof structure. During one of his first visits - in the SWR report - the popular SC Freiburg coach Christian Streich was heard to say in amazement:" The stadium looks like it's floating, you've done a great job."

To design the gigantic roof, the stadium builders enlisted support from Swabia. The cladding specialists from AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik know their way around such projects. The CLAD-MAN® was used, because this vacuum lifting device is the talent for the heavy parts on the roof and wall.


Highest security standards

One basic unit is sufficient to lay both roof and wall elements weighing up to 800 kg and 26 m in length with various configurations. Mains-independent and extremely compact, the CLAD-MAN® can be used anywhere. A dual-circuit vacuum safety system, electronic monitoring of both suction circuits and a positive-locking holding device ensure a high level of safety. In addition, the vacuum lifting devices ensure gentle handling of the high-quality building materials. In the Freiburg stadium, the CLAD-MAN roof 16m-8L was used with suction plates AL110x600 M sponge rubber SPL. The profile used: Münker M 135.1 / 310, thickness 1.0 mm in color gray-white.

The stadium has a rectangular basic shape with a surrounding solid structure for the stands. The entire stadium is covered by the steel roof structure. The roof structure of the stadium is a steel truss construction with welded main truss girders cantilevering almost 44 meters. The lattice girders are held in place by diagonal external supports, which transfer the tensile forces into the ground.

The stadium builders have done an outstanding job. The impressive "soccer temple" of SC Freiburg is finished and now awaits the end of the Corona pandemic. Then just under 35,000 enthusiastic soccer fans will bring the stadium to life.



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