Vacuum lifting technique now becomes instinctive.

The next generation of vacuum tube lifters is heralded with the new Force-Lift®: Instinctive operability and control never before possible.

The manufacturer AERO-LIFT calls the innovative control of the tube lifter "natural motion control" and thus travels into a new era.

Anyone who has ever used a tube lifter knows that the operation of previous devices acts contrary to natural logic and not instinctively. Users are therefore even more excited about the new FORCE-LIFT® tube lifter, which adapts completely to their natural operator behavior and not vice versa. Actuating the controls leads to activation of the functions, i.e. lifting of the tube lifter.


Incidentally, the FORCE-LIFT® is not only the first and only instinctively operable vacuum tube lifter, it is also the strongest one-handed tube lifter on the market: Transport goods weighing up to 75 kg can be lifted, fixed and moved by operating it with just one hand.


The objectives for the development of the FORCE-LIFT® were ambitious: A single device should cover almost all surfaces and applications. Shipping, warehousing, logistics, trade and industry (including sheet metal and plastics processing, food industry, pharmaceuticals) are the places where the FORCE-LIFT® is used. Cartons, sacks, barrels, canisters, containers, sheet metal and components of all kinds, wood and furniture, can be lifted, transported and precisely placed. The FORCE-LIFT® is also used for feeding machines. This flexibility is made possible by the variety of suction feet, which can be changed within seconds and without tools. Combined with the large-area gripper technology, workpieces with recesses, countersinks and grooves can also be suctioned, for example checker and perforated sheets as well as rough-sawn wood. In each variant, the new vacuum tube lifter from AERO-LIFT ensures fast, simple handling and short cycle times for both air-impermeable and air-permeable materials.


"Hands free" is the motto from now on, because the FORCE-LIFT® can remain suspended in one position, with or without the transport material sucked in.

The 360° horizontal rotation function allows the transported material to be rotated endlessly. The innovative control element also ensures the precise transfer of loads by 90°, from the vertical to the horizontal position.


Cost-efficient and ergonomic work goes hand in hand with the FORCE-LIFT®. Thanks to its instinctive operability, the tube lifter is also suitable for employees who only perform these activities occasionally. Routine is not necessary. Due to the simple guidance of the device, the rate of operating errors remains low. User injuries and breakdowns are avoided.

Thanks to the comfortable one-hand operation, the second hand can be used to guide the transport material. The FORCE-LIFT® offers the possibility to improve the workflow in a healthy, relaxed body posture. Handling is ergonomically correct in every position, gentle on the joints and fatigue-free for the hands - even in continuous use. The pleasant way of working thus increases employee motivation in the long term: A win-win situation for employees and employers alike.

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