Good work needs good working conditions

They are called AERO Standard (since 1992), ADVANCE - a smart newcomer - and VUSS vacuum grippers. These three from AERO-LIFT vacuum technology are in demand when it comes to intelligent processes for handling sheet metal, metal and sheet metal parts. And when it comes to relieving employees. That motivates. And saves money.

He is at home in industry and workshops. For almost 30 years it has been lifting, transporting and placing flat goods of 3300 mm x 1300 mm and 150 - 2200 kg. The AERO Standard has experience and is durable. Anyone who works with it relaxes by using the operating handle and watches how the "vacuum buddy" on the crane moves exactly and does what you want. There are 17 variants of the powerful AERO Standard. Many expansion options and accessories make this vacuum lifting device a flexible and reliable partner. And that indoors and, if required, outdoors as well.

Take a look twice

With the ADVANCE, AERO-LIFT now offers a lifting device that you can look at twice. The ADVANCE thus lifts everything that the AERO Standard sets in motion. But it still has a few new advantages. For example, the design is "thought out further". The housing contains all the important mechanical and electronic components for vacuum generation and control. These ensure efficiency. The ADVANCE also scores with its optimised handling. It thus increases the productivity of production lines as soon as the sheets are placed on the machine. Intuitive work on the multifunction handle is a playful experience. Everyone learns quickly. Practical and uncomplicated are also the tool-free adjustable crossbars. The overall orientation of the ADVANCE is reflected in pre-configured Industry 4.0 features. These make the vacuum lifter ready for future use in highly automated and digital production lines - the keyword here is "adaptive and digital production".


The extended arm

Both product lines - the AERO Standard and the ADVANCE - are used in sheet metal processing plants, in the loading and unloading of laser cutting machines, on water cutting machines and on machine tools (cutting, punching, nibbling). Sheets, metal parts and bent sheet metal parts are set in motion and get to where they belong. The vacuum technology manufacturer also offers special solutions. For example, special devices - for example for engine bonnets - are supplied to the automotive industry. Carried by a bridge or swivel-arm crane or via a rail system, the AERO or ADVANCE vacuum lifter becomes the employee's extended arm. Everything is lifted safely and gently.

VUSS technology (Vacuum Unit Sensing System) is also in demand in the metal industry and other sectors. The suction plate and valve technology of the VUSS vacuum grippers is fascinating. The workpiece has holes, gaps and recesses? The cast and moulded parts are not uniform? The parts come out of the cutting machine with different bearings? No problem. In combination with a tube lifter, different cuts of up to 75 kg can be picked up and set down manually. Depending on the required speed, also simultaneously and with intermediate depositing. The valve technology inside the large-area gripper modules works so precisely that even depositing between other transportable parts is possible.


Long life and low wear

This is made possible by the valves inside the vacuum grippers. Due to their patented design they are almost maintenance-free. In contrast to other manufacturers, AERO-LIFT adapts the format of the modules to the customer's individual lifting goods - maximum benefit guaranteed. The VUSS large-area vacuum gripper can be used both on automated systems and in combination with manual handling devices.

These are used on mobile and relocatable crane systems. This enables a long reach within the production hall. Wherever practical and sensible, all common AERO-LIFT vacuum lifters and tube lifters can also be operated on mobile slewing cranes.

In the Upper Palatinate, QUADRUS Metalltechnik is one of the largest companies for metal and sheet metal. The contract manufacturer for laser, stamped, bent and formed parts uses AERO-LIFT equipment. The new production lines were planned and implemented jointly by the management and the vacuum technology manufacturer. Thus the requirements for ergonomics, efficiency, workflow and long-term cost savings were implemented. "The working conditions have a significant influence on the work result. Therefore, their constant improvement is part of our philosophy and an important component in our health management", says Veiko Hille, project and process manager at QUADRUS. Good work needs good working conditions.

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