The AERO-LIFT AKADEMIE - Sharing knowledge, connecting people and machines

Our new training and conference building for customers and partners recently opened its doors. The AERO-LIFT AKADEMIE brings our future-oriented corporate culture to life and offers space and possibilities for modern training and education methods. The company expansion also sets standards in sustainability and quality.


With the AERO-LIFT AKADEMIE we have created space and framework for a lively transfer of knowledge with partners and customers. In the large showroom, whose mighty glass front extends openly over two floors, visitors can expect an exciting selection from our product portfolio. What is possible with vacuum handling technology? Which products and components are suitable for which materials and transport goods? How can vacuum technology improve processes in trade and industry and at the same time ensure the health of employees? Here, products and and solutions are perceptible. 

On the first floor you will be welcomed in a modern atmosphere. Here you will find a wealth of information about our products, components and you can see our solutions for yourself. The open staircase leads us via the gallery with a view into the showroom up to the meeting area. Generously designed, flexible conference rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology, offers space for training of your employees, which our team will conduct individually for you. Meanwhile, the sun terrace invites you to linger during the breaks. The architecture and building materials reflect another part of the company philosophy: Here we have focused on highest quality and sustainability. The entire building is heated with geothermal energy, natural building materials such as sheep's wool insulation ensure a healthy indoor climate.

The AKADEMIE makes our future-oriented corporate culture tangible and offers ideal conditions for training customers and partners. With this, we are setting a further milestone in the development of our company.




We are very pleased to welcome you to our new academy.
You can find more about the purpose and aim of the new customer centre and our services for training and education of your employees under the following link.

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Our report on the construction of the AKADEMIE

Foundation and base plate

At first everything was prepared for the new building: The garages were removed, the hole in the ground was dug. Then the foundations and the floor slab could be laid.

Energy generation through geothermal energy

A hole several metres deep was drilled into the earth to generate energy through geothermal energy, i.e. geothermal energy. The great advantage of this form of energy is that it is available almost permanently, regardless of wind and weather, and is virtually inexhaustible. A major building block for more sustainability.

Production of prefabricated walls

The new building was prefabricated, which means that all the walls were produced almost completely in advance. We were allowed a look behind the scenes at Kitzlinger GmbH, where we also spotted our AERO-PORO in action.

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Installation of the walls

In May the time had come: the pre-produced wall elements were set up and installed. Within three days, the complete building, including interior walls and windows, was in place. Impressive! The video on the left shows a small time-lapse of the progress of this construction phase.

Carcass and completion

Once the walls were up, the interior work could begin: Plastering walls, installing stairs, laying floors, installing heating and sanitary facilities. In the final phase, it was a matter of planning the interior, kitchens and counters were installed, the sun terrace on the upper floor was completed. The front garden of the new building was also redesigned with numerous plants and flowers, a bicycle garage, and a seating area matching the style of the AKADEMIE.



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