The New Normal: How we can shape a post-Covid 19 economy together

The corona pandemic is fundamentally changing the economy as we know it. New habits and regulations based on reduced interaction and more stringent travel and hygiene restrictions will prevail. The way we eat, shop, work, move, socialise, talk and manage our health is changing at an unprecedented rate.

But what exactly does this mean for industry? In its latest report, the research and consulting firm Board of Innovation gives a definition of the term "low touch economy" and lists its main features to date:

  • "To mitigate health risks, businesses have been forced to adapt to strict policies, including low-touch interactions, limited gatherings, travel restrictions, and so on.
  • Multiple aftershocks in global markets can already be seen. These include shifts in consumer behavior, new regulations, and supply chain disruptions.
  • Medical experts and business leaders assume Covid-19 will directly influence the economy until late 2021.
  • Businesses that survive the Covid-19 pandemic will be those that rely on business models tailored to this new normal while keeping everyone as safe as possible." (cf. Board of Innovation, 2020) 


But it is not only industries such as food, medical technology or logistics that are particularly challenged by this. Looking at how long the virus persists on different surfaces, it becomes clear that companies in sheet metal, plastics and wood processing also need to strategically optimize processes in order to meet the new requirements (cf. Kampf, 2020).


Vacuum technology for an economy of the future

We at AERO-LIFT are at your full disposal for these challenges. Both through short delivery times and reliable service, we do our part to ensure that not only system-relevant processes are guaranteed.

Almost all of our vacuum lifting devices in the field of manual handling are equipped with an operating handle, which creates a certain distance for safety reasons alone. In addition, the ergonomic design means that it is not necessary to touch the actual goods being transported, which is an enormous advantage when it comes to meeting new hygiene standards.

Solutions for cartons, drums, bags

In shipping, storage and logistics, transport items come into contact with many people and therefore carry a high risk of infection. The virus can remain on cardboard boxes or paper bags for up to 24 hours and even up to five days on plastic packaging made of plastic (cf. Kampf, 2020). AERO-LIFT tube lifters allow movement without direct contact with the transport piece. They also increase productivity and enable your employees to adopt an ergonomic working posture.  

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Solutions for sheet materials

SARS-CoV-2 tends to last longer on smooth surfaces than on rough materials: on glass up to four days, on plastic and metal even up to five days (cf. Kampf, 2020). This can endanger employees in production if these workpieces are touched and transported by hand. With our vacuum lifters you can reduce this risk: metal sheets, coated wooden boards, plastic sheets or glass can be moved easily and ergonomically without touching them and with sufficient distance to the operator. 

Explore vacuum lifting devices for sheet metal, plastics and glass

Solutions for wood

Wood is used almost everywhere, not only in woodworking companies like joineries and carpentries. OSB, MDF or chipboard are also used for packaging in shipping. With AERO-LIFT vacuum lifters, you can also minimize the risk of infection through materials. Our solutions for wood are suitable for porous workpieces as well as planks and beams. 

Discover solutions for wood materials

Robust seals meet hygiene standards

Did you know that our silicone seals are resistant to the most aggressive cleaning agents? They also withstand the highest temperatures and can be sterilized without any problems. This also enables our existing customers to adapt their vacuum lifters to the new hygiene standards. We will be happy to help you find the ideal solution for your device.

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We promote other hot topics within this megatrend "health", such as a holistic approach to health, holistic and preventive health, by using our ergonomic and material-conserving technologies. Because we believe that people can work more healthily and efficiently. 

We look forward to supporting you in these challenging times. Our field service is fully available to you, subject to compliance with the required protective measures, and visits and demonstrations at our premises are also possible. 

Let us find solutions together for a strong future. 

Yours Tobias Pauli


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